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  1. What the hell?! Are we joking? But what programmers work in Corsair? Do they take them from the street? I have no words, it's really a shame! I hope someone else will answer and give their opinion, because I really can't believe it! However, here you are the old firmware: https://we.tl/t-xpq2oQnR8M Harpoon Wireless - Dongle FW 0.5.49 - Mouse FW 0.5.64 You can find it even in the forum...
  2. Hello, When I bought the Harpoon Wireless, maybe a year ago, and tried to update the firmware, the mouse started recording two clicks instead of one. I found on the forum a person who said it was a software problem, and he said to downgrade the mouse firmware to 0.5.64 and the dongle to 0.5.49 and the problem was solved. Now, I was wondering: in the latest updates, has this problem been fixed? If I update the mouse, do I risk running into the problem again? I don't want to risk it, so I ask ... Thank you in advice.
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