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  1. Uhm, this IS a Corsair support forum, right? So is there any supporter reading this?
  2. Dear support, I'd like to pick this thread up again since I'm facing the same issue. I recently got me two K100 keyboards. Used to have K70's in use. I want to use the on-the-fly macro recording (actually that was the main reason for buying the K100's). It generally works as expected, but recording a macro ALWAYS stores it in the hardware profile. It does not matter whether the iCUE software is running or not. I have the iCUE window open (so yes, the software is running for sure). No macros are currently existing in iCUE mode (and there also are none in hardware mode): Now I switch the Control Wheel to "red mode", press the button to record a macro, select G6, press "a" two times and G6 again. But the macro is recorded to Hardware Key Assignments and shows up there: That is not the expected behavior which is: Control Wheel Macros - In software mode, it will add the macro to your current software profile. In hardware mode, it will add them to the current hardware mode profile Instead all macros I record using the wheel go to hardware mode, no matter whether iCUE is running at recording time or not. Please help and tell me what I'm doing wrong. Thanks! Chris Edit: I'm using the latest V4 version which currently is v.4.13.226
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