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  1. Thanks! It's not perfect but not bad for a second build and first hardloop attempt. Not sure if / when I will worry about the soft tube but I am already considering some changes. Considering moving the distro plate / pump to the MoBo tray and doing a more traditional intake fans / radiator front and exhaust fans radiator top. Also possibly push / pull on the top. So if I decide to do that I will try and fix the tubing at the same time. I did add some filter material to the back of the case since it functions as an intake with no filter icluded at all. The door I was complaining about.....I didn't realize until towards the end of building that it came off, duh.... Some pictures attached. The computer on the right is similar spec (MSI z490 - 10th gen i7) and is complete except I haven't found a GPU for it yet. 🥺
  2. So finished this build the other day. Ran out of time, patience and hard tube so ended up using soft tube to the GPU. May work on changing that at some point but super happy with it so far regarless.
  3. Couple more notes: I plan to have all 6 fans exhausting like in the build example on the product page under "downloads". May add a fan on the rear at some point. I really like the case but have a couple of small things I don't like. The door on the back side of the case is held shut by a rather weak magnet and doesn't stay closed when laying it down (backside down) on a table. No big deal but annoying during this build process. You can't really put the MB tray mounted radiator connectors up (like shown on the product page) unless you put the fans on the outside of the case top. I imagine the filter would need to be removed for this. Could probably also mount the radiator on the outside of the case with fans on the inside if you wanted to modify the case...? Hard to plug in the USB 3.2 (?) even with the included adaptor. On my Mobo at least, the 90 faces the wrong direction, up instead of down.
  4. So to start, I am bad at these sort of posts. Working on a new build using allot of Corsair products including a 5000D Hydro X edition case. Doesn't seem to be too many of these yet so thought I'd share. Specs - Case = Corsair 5000D Hydro X edition MoBo = Msi Z590 Gaming Edge Wifi Chip = Intel i7 11700k CPU block = Corsair XC5 Memory = Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 4 x 8 3600 C16 GPU = 3080 out of an HP Omen GPU block = Corsair 3080 reference Radiators = 2x Corsair XR5 360mm PSU = Corsair RM1000x Cables = Corsair Starter Kit type 4 Tube and fittings = Primochill 14mm hardline SSD 1 = Samsung 980 pro 250GB (for OS, Windows) SSD 2 = Samsung 980 1TB for everything else Fans = CoolerMaster sickleflow 120 x 6 RGB control = Razer RGB addressable controller Riser Cable = LinkUp PCIe4 200mm 90 degree cable Fan / water pump control = Corsair Commander Pro Thermal Paste = Artic Mx5 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Think that covers all the parts. Will be gaming on a Dell 27 QHD monitor S2721DGF. Mouse, keyboard and pad are all Razer products. Pictures attatched of what I have so far. 2nd build and 1st hardline loop. Thanks for looking. On a side note, I am taking the GPU out of my current build. Trying to find a 3060 ti to put in its place (in my current build) so my son can use it. 😞
  5. Ok cool, thanks for the reply. I'm not likely to need more cooling capacity than 2 xr5's would provide was just more curious than anything. Cool that the case comes with a commander pro. Unless I've missed it the case info page does say as much. Only knew because of a couple of unboxing videos found on YouTube. So considering the separate prices for a 5000D case, the pump combo and a commander pro, the HydroX version is quite the deal it seems. I don't feel the need to start a whole thread for my modest setup put here's a pic!
  6. Hello, Considering the 5000D Hydro X for a future build and have a few questions. I know it will simultaneously fit 2 360 rads (top and MB tray) but is there any restriction of the radiator thickness? Would 2 xr7 360 radiators fit? Will it be available in white at some point? Is there or will there be a PCIe Gen 4 GPU riser cable available? Does the unit ship with a commander pro? Thanks! Just to add, I have recently water cooled the i7-10700k and 3080 GPU in my current build using Corsair products and have been super pleased with the results!
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