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  1. So if we want to upgrade our A200 with AMD motherboard, what are the best rams out there to bost the performance? Thank you.
  2. Hello guys, I bought a lot of things from corsair, and they always shipped from Netherlands. So no taxes on customs, thats ok for me. But now i bought an A200 that costs 4000€, and they are sending it from Taiwan. If it get retaind in Customs i will pay almost 1000€ on taxes, that is not even fair. Any body experience something similar? Thanks
  3. so most of people that bought the A200 and preview models, are giving advices not to buy this pre build made by corsair, because it has heating issues and the ICUE has issues also. And the hdmi cables are outdated, and also the display port is 1.2 instead of 1.4 Am i correct?
  4. I Also order My CORSAIR ONE a200 with the R9 5900X processor. I came here to try to find why my order is still in processing since 27/06/2021. On the webpage when you filter for available models, the models that are available they are not shipping right away. any clue why? But after i saw all your comments, i think its very bad for a system that costs more then 4000€ have so many heating issues. i could undestant if it was a new brand on the market not Corsair and asking premium prices.
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