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  1. I have a ubs2.0 1 to 4 distribution block going to one header and then one of the rgb hubs just running directly to another usb2.0 header
  2. I have one commander core and two commander pros, one of the pro arent showing along with one rgb hub. I have a total of 10 120mm sp fans and 4 140mm sp fans and then my cpu block and two res/pump combos. Im not using any splitters of anykind, every fan was going to have their own channel for both rgb and pwm. the only daisy chaining of anykind is the two pumps and the cpu block all have their rgb daisy chained
  3. Hey guys, I just finished my build and I have the commander that comes with the 7000x case as well as two commander pros and a pair of rgb fan controllers that come with the 3 packs of fans all installed in the system. One of the rgb controllers and one of the commander pros dont show up in icue. Ive tried re installing icue as well as swapping the usb2.0 cable positions in my internal hub around and still cant get them to show. The fans associated with the commander and rgb hub are functioning, just uncontrollable, rbg is showing just white. Any idea what to try next?
  4. I’m doing the 420 at the front and the 360 at the top. I placed all the gear in the case last night and damn near cried when I realized the wiring I’m left with lol. Still need to layout the location for my commander pros and led breakout boxes and the USB 2.0 distribution. It really is daunting but I’ve made a black plexi panel for behind the mobo tray to mount stuff to so I’m hoping I can get a handle on it all.
  5. I literally just started my build tonight in a 7000d. Im using a pair of xd5 pump/res combos with a 420mm and 360mm rads and then I am just using all sp fans. I know there are better options but I just couldnt bring myself to not use the 4 140mm fans I paid for when I bought the case. Ive been watching your thread and it helped me figure out what I needed to get to keep my RGB straight. Your build looks great, glad you get it going.
  6. Thanks guys, from what I can tell my RM850X seems sufficient for my 6800 and 5800x and all my cooling, appreciate it
  7. Ok so I am trying to figure out roughly what kind of draw my accessories are gonna have so I can take it into account when choosing a psu. My list is as follows 4 SP140 Elite 140 mm fans 10 SP Elite 120mm fans 3 commander Pro 2 Lighting Node Pro 2 Lighting Node Core 8 corsair rgb strips 1 xc 7 water block 2 XD5 pump/res combos I think thats it for Corsair Products, I had to go a different route for my GPU water block as Corsair didnt make one. So based on that list what kind of wattage would I have to account for in a worst case scenario over top of what my standard computer parts are gonna use.
  8. What is the power source for the LEDs in LL fans. Is it the PWM plug or the LED plug. The reason I ask is I have 2 out of my 6 fans that are a different shade then the other 4 even though they are all set the same. Those two fans are running through a splitter to my commander pro for the PWM as the 6th port is for my corsair pump/res for my loop. Just trying to figure out if using the splitter is the issue or if I need to be looking elsewhere
  9. Ok guys I am doing a new custom loop and I wanna make sure I have everything before I start because I gotta order online and I dont wanna have my rig down for more than a day or two. I am trying to use 7 LL 120mm fans, the XD3 Pump/res, XC7 block and a total of 8 Corsair RGB strips. I have a commander pro and a node core. Am I missing anything to get this RGB running correctly?
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