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  1. I received an email from Corsair today - thanks all!
  2. Question: should I be posting this in the general "Case" discussion? It seems like others (with the same or similar issues) gained more traction therein.
  3. Hey Team Corsair, I hope all is well. I submitted a ticket back on Monday, June 7th (2004382341) about a replacement side panel for our brand new 4000D Airflow case and have yet to hear back. I imagine things are a little backed up do to COVID, but it had been long enough now to where I decided to make a forum account and check in. Love Corsair...been using you guys for RAM since '06 and PSU + Aios since they were first available. Note: Unfortunately, my browser auto-filled an email I didn't want to use when I first submitted the request - I was working fast as I submitted it in a fury the moment after it shattered - so I submitted it twice as I didn't see a kickback email in the account I wanted to use. 2004382350 is a duplicate ticket and can be canceled!
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