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  1. I would have appreciated some sort of warning that my Corsair product (H100i V2 liquid cooler) would not be supported by upgrading from iCue3 to iCue4. As it stands, iCue saw fit to update itself without telling me it would no longer support the H100i v2 liquid cooler, which I had hitherto set to "maximum", so once the iCue software upgraded, I found I could no longer set the liquid cooler to 'quiet', as iCue no longer recognised it. My H100i v2 liquid fans were revving at a good 2000 rpm, equivalent to the noise of a chorus of helicopters descending like it was a reenactment of some Vietnam war movie. Fortunately I found Corsair had installed "LINK 4" on my PC, so I was able to control the fan speed through there. Now it's church-mouse quiet, once more. But yeah - bad form, Corsair. Bad form.
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