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  1. Thanks Status has changed to "shipping soon" so that's a good sign ...how soon is soon I wonder? :bigeyes:
  2. I wish. Running AIDA64 System Stability Test at full load on both CPU and GPU at the same time (so pushing the cooling as hard as it can be pushed), with ambient at 77°F, after 10 minutes the CPU @5GHz had leveled off around 70°C (all cores) and the GPU @2040MHz leveled off just touching 60°C. Not bad.
  3. Can someone at Corsair please advise the dimensions of the GPU window cutout and the acrylic window that fits in there? I'm considering putting a small display monitor there for temperatures etc., so I'm looking for the dimensions of 2 things really: (1) the dimension of the physical cutout hole itself. (2) dimensions of the acrylic window that sits behind the cutout and in front of the PSU. Thanks.
  4. I have the same email but different passwords for the forum and the store. Which password will take precedence? Also wondering what "booked" status means on my 7000X case order. Ordered over a week ago and charge just went through today and status changed to booked. What does that mean?
  5. Thought I'd post my recent 680X water loop build since there seems to be so few examples, at least when I was researching it prior to the build. Here's the components list: Intel i7-10700k CPU (water cooled) EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra (water cooled) Corsair Dominator Platinum 4000MHz 2x16GB EVGA Z490 Dark KingPin edition motherboard EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 T2 PSU Corsair Crystal 680X RGB case Samsung 970 Pro NVMe m.2 2 x Corsair 280mm radiators 4 x be quiet! SilentWings3 high speed 140mm PWM radiator fans EKWB Quantum Vector GPU block and backplate Optimus Signature V2 CPU block Corsair XD5 pump/reservoir combo All fittings are Corsair Hydro X series. ASUS Strix riser cable Grizzly Kryonaut tim Overclocked the i7-10700k CPU to 5.2GHz stable and the RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra to 2.05GHz stable and ran 3D Mark Port Royal and scored 14,317 which is pretty nice. RAM was just running at XMP settings. Running AIDA64 System Stability Test at full load on both CPU and GPU at the same time (so pushing the cooling pretty hard), with ambient at 77°F, after 10 minutes the CPU @5GHz had leveled off around 70°C (all cores) and the GPU @2040MHz leveled off just touching 60°C. Not bad. Loop order is res/pump -> GPU block -> CPU block -> bottom radiator -> top radiator -> res/pump. It was a bit of a mission getting all that gear in a 680X ATX case. Some photos: The components.. Motherboard, radiators, CPU block, pump/res and some tubing installed, including a drainage line with ball valve.. Vertical mounted 3090 added.. Showing just how packed it was fitting all this into the ATX case.. 15 minute pressure leak test - successful.. IT'S ALIVE!.. :biggrin:
  6. Yup that would work too. The motherboard doesn't have a header for a thermal sensor, so the Commander Pro could resolve that too. Sort of off-topic, but I use AIDA64 for monitoring, and I hear there are some communication issues between iCue and AIDA64, so that's why I like the BIOS fan curve.
  7. Thanks, that's what I'm thinking of doing, although the 2 x 360mm radiator fans will all run through the PWM repeater and will be controlled by the BIOS fan curve. CPU+GPU loop. No warm air is dumped into the case with this method.
  8. I ended up using 2 x 280mm radiators - one at top, one at bottom (both as exhaust), and retained the existing 3x120mm intake fans at the front. This was for a full CPU+GPU water loop though, not AiO. Worked really well, but I'm about to move to a 5000X case.
  9. Thank you so much, I figured that was the case, but better to know than to assume. Cheers.
  10. Hello. I recently scored the 5000X RGB tempered glass case. I'm setting up a loop with 2 x 360mm radiators. I have a question about the PWM Repeater Hub... Thinking about plugging all 6 radiator fans into that one hub, and then plugging the hub into a single 2amp PMW fan header on the motherboard (EVGA Z590 FTW). All the fans are the same; be quiet 120mm high-speed PWM fans (model BL070 if anyone is interested). Will this still allow me to control all 6 fans through that one header via the BIOS fan curve - not separately obviously, but all 6 fans will follow the same BIOS fan curve based on system temperature? I assumed this would be the situation, but then I saw a post somewhere saying that it's a powered fan hub and the fans all run at full speed and the header on the motherboard just reports the fan speed but does not control it, which is completely useless to me. As an alternative, I also recently scored a used Commander Pro which I could install instead, and have all six radiator fans plugged into that, and speed controlled through iCue software, but then I'm entirely dependent on iCue software, I'd rather be BIOS controlled for fan speed. FYI the front intake fans are 3x Corsair LL120 fans, I plan to run them on a triple splitter running from another single motherboard PWM header - the header has max power limit of 2amp @ 12V (24Watts), the fans are 0.3A each, max 13.2V. Thanks for any help.
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