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  1. Nevermind, ive fixed it now, i had to select 8 LED FAN SERIES for anyone with this issue in the future
  2. hello, i have 4 sp120 pros connected to the lighting node core, i can only get 3 of them to light up, on icue i have selected ML PRO RGB SERIES FAN HUB (there is no SP120 PRO that i can select, just the standard sp120) when i select the number of fans two different channels seem to control the rgb on just 1 fan for example: if i select two fans it lights up two leds on fan 1 so if i select 6 fans it only lights up 3 fans (with 2 leds on each), i dont know what im doing wrong, any help appreciated
  3. yes it does, LNC? do you mean how is my lighting set up on icue? ive selected: SP RGB series fan hub with 3 fans and nothing, doesnt matter where i plug them, they stay the same
  4. to add to this icue doesn't seem to change anything on the fans, my mouse and ram change colours just fine
  5. Hi, i have recently acquired a new corsair case, the fan lighting doesn't seem to be working correctly, as you can see it the photo the fans seem to get dimmer as they go down and i cant change anything in icue, everything is properly connected to the node core, I'm stuck, thank you in advance the photo is here, wont let me upload to this website: https://ibb.co/j8H3dRX
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