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  1. I've done this. Im contacting Support since June. I even got an RMA which was defective in parts meaning (wireless/wired switch not stable and making noises and also it was hissing when ICUE was installed) now all I want is to downgrade my firmware back to 0.17.149 and dongle to 0.16.80 (constant beeping sound in wireless mode and in the previous firmware I did not face this issue). Support sent me an invalid firmware and since then not answering.. it's tiring.
  2. Support is not answering since then.... I'm contacting support for almost 3 months, kinda exhausting..
  3. Hi. i wanted to ask if it is possible to downgrade my firmware back to 0.17.149 and dongle firmware to 0.16.80 since the update i have constant beeping sound in the background. not really enjoying the firmware update I forcefully did because of corsair support. thank you
  4. Got an RMA. Still hissing. On 3 different computers (1 of the pcs is with fresh installed windows) not hissing when icue is uninstalled, hissing when icue is installed. also tried older versions of icue. Still same issue.
  5. Update: Corsair support seem to not have a solution for my issue because they say the issue with wireless and wired connection is two seperate problems and its conflicting with what i explain to them.
  6. Hi. I have Corsair Virtuoso SE and whenever I install iCUE i have background noises/hissing. the hissing is happening behind the sound coming out from my pc. like a "ssssss" background noise. Sidetone is disabled. the issue happens in both modes, wireless and wired mode. I tried updating the firmware, force updating the firmware, Tried to check in 3 different computers, same issue in all of them ICUE installed = hiss ICUE not installed = no hissing I am with Corsair Support in emails for almost month already and they dont really understand my issue and try blaming it on my hardware. Even tho it is the same issue on 3 different computers. For now ICUE is uninstalled to have no hissing but I want it for the bass boost preset. Help would be appreciated because im losing my mind already..
  7. Tried this method too, I have VIRTUOSO RGB SE and nothing works for me... when iCUE is uninstalled everything works perfect. I tried methods from all over the forum. Feeling sad, I have this headset only for 3ish months..
  8. Still no answer from Corsair support sadly. Been 9 days since ticket was sent to them :/
  9. Feeling hopeless. Looks like there's nothing to do about it :(
  10. Did this already. Only when iCUE is uninstalled the sound is great. But I want the bass boost sound effect so I must use iCUE, I also have K95 keyboard so :/ About forcing update, its in grey so I cant use it. Though i re-installed iCUE like dozens of times, after removing all the drivers from my computer, even fresh install of windows didnt do anything to help.
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