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  1. I hate this new format. The old format & layout was far superior. With the old format, after I logged in I simply clicked the 'New Posts' button at the top & was presented all new stuff since last login. This layout is far too cluttered & pure garbage. I am member on hundreds of forums with vbulletin & similar formats & they all had zero issues for several decades. Don't see why it was changed 😞
  2. You may be right in the fact that the PSU might be bad but the other possibility that you are seriously overlooking is that it is most likely the GPU causing shorts & causing the melting cables. If you check all the forums regarding 30xx series GPU's, you will find thousands of issues world-wide with these cards. So it may NOT be the PSU after all :o)
  3. Chances are they will not be available due to the industry ramping up for the DDR5 release. It doesn't make it profitable for any company to update existing DDR4 ram to higher speeds when DDR5 will be faster than DDR4 ram & higher speeds. Only a Corsair Tech could give you proper updates as to when they may be available. Have you tried calling/emailing their support line to get an estimated date (instead of the standard later on reply)?
  4. I've been waiting years for Corsair's 256GB modules & here it is 2021 & they still haven't made them so I had to resort to buying them from Samsung for my ASUS Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WIFI Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3995WX motherboard. Samsung M386ABG40M51-CAE 256GB DDR4 LRDIMM Samsung M393ABG40M52-CAE 256GB DDR4 RDIMM DDR5 is already out to OEMs & the DDR5 motherboards should be out late this year to consumers.
  5. It may be awhile before they are back in stock in North America again. I have several computers using Ax1600i PSUs & back then the Corsair AX1600i had an MSRP of $449.99 USD = $553.24 CDN Now as of 3 May MSRP are $559.99 USD = $688.55 CDN & I have seen many scalpers offering them for well over $1500USD. I'll wait till Corsair has them back in stock :o)
  6. LEDs were invented in the early 1960s & I have several computers for my business that are still functional since the mid 1970s that had LEDs & they are still working to this very day in 2021. Many of the LEDs that I bought over the years are still functional 20 years later because I don't buy cheap quality ones but high quality ones that will outlive me. Any LED that only lasts a few years are junk & cheap quality. I am NOT referring to LED bulbs for house lighting that replaced incandescent bulbs but I am referring to LEDs for circuit cards & inside electronics for power LEDs, etc.
  7. Power is calculated by voltage x current ( in Amps not milliamps). P(watts) =V(voltage) x I(current in Amps) North America outlets are primarily 120 VAC with circuit breakers being rated for a maximum of 15Amps (for your typical wall outlets). 1800 Watts = 120 VAC x 15 Amps 1800 Watts is the max you can draw from an outlet before your breaker trips. Code in North America permits exactly 80% of rated current for the number of circuits that can be tied to one 15 Amp breaker. 80% x 15 Amps = 12 circuits MAX tied to that breaker. Can be 6 outlets + 6 lights or any combination of whatever that equals 12. So it is IMPERATIVE that you know precisely what is tied to that outlet your computer is plugged into & what other circuits are on it because if there any high wattage items also on the same circuit, then you risk multiple breaker trips that will damage your computer permanently with repeated outages while everything is running. Your breaker may not trip but the PSU won't have enough power to stay on & may be the reason for it shutting down. Another reason is that something in your computer may be broken /shorting/overloading & causing the PSU to shutdown.
  8. I see on this forum & many other forums, a lot of unhappy people with warranty/RMA issues but as I mentioned elsewhere, people need to sit back & rethink what the pandemic issues are causing & affecting various companies. Corsair has one of the BEST warranties in the business & very few competitors offer this: taken from WARRANTY TERMS: https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360033067832 Most competitors make the consumer jump through major hurdles & fees to get their product fixed. Not with Corsair. That is why I have always bought my PSUs, memory, SSDs from Corsair. I have 5 AX1600i PSUs running 24/7/365 since they were made available without issue. I just recently bought an HX1200i for another computer & again no issues. Maybe I am the wrong person to say this but I have been using Corsair products for decades (since they first came out) with ZERO faults or issues. That should explain why I stick with Corsair products but even though nothing has ever failed me...at least I know that they have a strong warranty to cover me in the unlikely case anything does fail LOL. Please be patient with warranty/RMA issues due to most pandemic lockdowns restricting businesses from operating their service departments & the fact there is a world-wide shortage of semiconductor parts needed to fix things so no company wants to accept your returns until they are able to fix them in a timely manner or replace them with a replacement unit which are all in short supply ATM.
  9. I think people need to sit back & rethink what is going on in the world before condemning Corsair or any other computer parts manufacturer. Many parts of the world are in pandemic lockdown. USA is no exception. Many companies have their workers doing work at home taking phone calls to assist customers but their main company building is still in lockdown so repairs & manufacturing is still at a halt till the pandemic lockdown restrictions are lifted. Corsair & other companies are NOT going to take receipt of your defective unit until they can actually have someone in their repair shop work on it. Add to the fact that crypto miners have caused a world-wide shortage of semiconductor parts & no company wants to take a product in for repair that *may* need parts to fix it that are unavailable world-wide at the moment. Currently high end GPUs, high end PSUs, HDDs/SSDs, memory are all in short supply thanks to crypto miners & supply issues most likely will not be resolved until 2023/2025 if even that early :o)
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