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  1. ****ing exactly. My mother got me a headset or theirs for my birthday, and it constantly had issues, such as setting it up first time, and the audio going mute while playing games. But now the audio in one ear is quiet and the other is completely off, suddenly while playing a game. WTF. And no response from support with my ticket on there, yet, after a week. Absolute garbage company and products. Don’t buy from them!!
  2. Playing a game with hs60 surround pro, and suddenly one side stops working, and the right one becomes super quiet. What the ****?? I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in, as these trash headphones that are brand new actually have tons of issues, and I've had to unplug them and plug them back in many many many times when playing the same game. Cause they suddenly randomly go silent until plugged back in. This did nothing this time, and I've never had this happen before with only one side super quit and the other side nothing at all. I've tried restarting my pc and it did nothing. wtf do I do? these headphones are a garbage scam
  3. Well, using the program and switching the audio to "pure direct", disabling everything else seemed to help, and make the audio better as far as I'm aware.
  4. Now the muffled kinda audio is back when using the PC the next day. I just don't know.. Are these headphones ****, or?
  5. Well I reinstalled the software. I uninstalled it, didn't reboot, did the installation again while the headphones were plugged in this time, and now the audio is way better I'm 70% sure.
  6. The audio sounds kinda muffled, especially when playing games, and doesn't really sound right? Whether it's on normal setting or surround sound, either way it doesn't sound very great. How do I fix this?? Or is it just the headphones and they shouldn't be used?
  7. I just got headphones made by them, and in the manual it said to get the software drivers from https://www.corsair.com/support/downloads , and yet meanwhile, the site is down right now. Does this mean that it's been down for days and days, or just the exact day I get these headphones? Seriously? And why can't they still have drivers available for download while they do maintenance?? Not fair for customers.
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