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  1. Be careful with it. It scratches really, really easy. I've just put it on my table after taking it off and when placed it back, voila - scratch. Maybe small dust or sand particles on the table caused it, i don't know. Put it on the bed only, or other soft flat surface! Will that kind of scratch cause tempered glass to explode? Now I am afraid to sit and work next to my PC :) Already regret that I bought tempered glass panel case! Ordered solid side panel instead of it, now will have to sit next to potentially explosive PC for some time...)
  2. Hello. I've seen similar posts about 3D printing here, so I think it's not restricted here... I did clips 3D model for my other case (non Corsair one) some time ago, so I have an experience, and interested in making such for the 4000D /4000X (these https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/iCUE-4000X-4000D-4000D-Airflow-Front-Bezel-Mounting-Snaps%2C-Black/p/CC-8900444) and publishing to the Thingverse. Think it will be good for the community. And these are almost permanently out of stock, so it makes sense I quess. I need small assistance of a person who has one of these cases, an ordinary 2D paper scanner and a caliper (for size measuring). What I need is scan (2D ordinary black/white scan, made by any paper scanner) of flat surface of the clip, and some measures with a caliper (in millimeters, tenths of a millimeter precision): item width (see attachment 2): and some other measures (see attachment 1): Thx
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