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  1. Yes.... I already had to remove and reinstall lightingservice once as it simply stopped running all together. While control is back and I've been able to make it work it seems like something else is hanging on (memory leakish). Going to continue testing.
  2. Appears this might finally be fixed.. Currently on the latest of both softwares (armory crate and icue) and it's actually working again at the moment.
  3. good luck getting them to accept that. They still haven't accepted the fact they broke ram control via the plugin about 6 updates back. Just don't update. Shame it's getting to this but they don't listen and they don't care. They simply point the finger at asus.
  4. These? https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Fans/ml-config/p/CO-9050072-WW#tab-tech-specs Doesn't look like they should go above 1500. Do you have the connectors flipped or something?
  5. Remove the hardware profile layer for your ram and it won't be lit when sleeping?
  6. just gonna guess LHR if asus had a non-lhr out first....
  7. thing is... the entire time it was an update to icue that i did on both PC's that broke it. Immediately downgraded to fix it. Have updated armory crate and icue ever since hoping a fix would happen... but every single time it's only ICUE that I have to downgrade. Armory crate has zero issues being updated.
  8. It's iCUESetup_4.12.214_release.msi https://downloads.corsair.com/Files/CUE/iCUESetup_4.12.214_release.msi Rolling back to this version fixes the RGB control of my ram every time.
  9. Actually it's the other way around. I can update armory crate no problem as long as I stay on the version of icue I keep repeating. Anything after that version sends things into a bad spiral. For both of my machines the update that broke things was an icue update and not armory crate.
  10. I've asked repeatedly why this is known to be an asus problem when simply rolling ICUE back to v 4.12.214 fixes the problem for ANY version of armory crate?
  11. I keep trying the newer ICUE releases and end up immediately rolling back to the earlier versions. It's like they simply don't care. I wish they would come out and just say they are ending support for it because it's certainly no longer "supported". I finally had some time to check out open RGB and I can already tell it's going to take away any advantage these guys had left.
  12. My issue is from the other side. I use armory crate to set all my devices to react to audio. Which worked fine for my vengeance ram until the update after the version I stated. After this version update my ram is only able to do whatever the default is in Icue. No control over it from armory crate. What's worse is after a while the issue actually hangs the Asus stuff and my lights will freeze and move slowly. Problem is instantly cured by downgrading Icue to earlier version. Icue is only used for my h150 fan settings etc.
  13. Are the fans switching back to the profile of their "hardware" setting? If so your USB port may be putting the controller into sleep mode.
  14. Can you elaborate on why versions of ICUE later than the above have the problem and none prior?
  15. Listen... i'd believe that for a second IF I couldn't fix it by rolling back to Icue v 4.12.214 and have everything working again!
  16. Since this has been pretty much ignored here thus far and is easy to reproduce on a clean install of windows 10 with the latest armory crate and icue installed... The updates recently have left the corsair vengeance ram unable to be controlled via the armory crate app. Downgrading ICUe back restores this functionality. Have two separate PCs with the same problem here.
  17. v4.12.214 is the last version before the plugin was broken.
  18. The icue plugin for the Asus piece has been busted for a while. You can downgrade to a version where it's working again but so far no one from Corsair seems remotely interested in the issue.
  19. So i'm guessing at this point we might as well consider the asus plugin DEAD and share this on the PC build forums and tech sites as well?> This is a sad development and definitely not one to prompt me to buy more corsair products. This issue has been reported and is easily replicated and undone via a rollback to the last icue version where it worked. Not sure why it's being ignored... other than the fact it's tying into other vendors hardware.
  20. Why do you guys keep ignoring the fact that I was the first to report this problem and named the specific version it's last working in? I also clean wiped the one machine and reinstalled Windows and icue and armory crate. If I install the last version it worked on it works fine. Tell your developers they broke it! v4.12.214 was and still is the last version that works for RGB control of Corsair vengeance ram from armory crate. Anyone who wants theirs working again can search for and download this version. https://forum.corsair.com/forums/topic/171510-changelog-missing-known-issue-of-broken-asus-plugin/?do=getNewComment
  21. I posted this issue in its own thread and also the version number you can roll back to in order to get it working again. Seems our complaints are falling on dead ears lately.
  22. Seems like Corsair employees are dismissing this as an issue. I will add a download link to the version that actually works still to my op here tomorrow.
  23. Mine has been up to date on all. Also broken on fresh reinstall of windows. Something broke after the version I've reported multiple times and you guys are still asking basic questions. Clean install of windows- no go for ram RGB control via armory crate. Simply installing the older version of icue works! So what does that tell you ?
  24. For me it's just armory crate and icue installed on a clean install. I don't game.
  25. So the last version that works for me is v4.12.214. did you try reverting to that?
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