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  1. Hi I recently took apart my vengeance pro modules and there were three different types of things inside firstly there was some thicker sticky pads which I'm assuming is just thermal pads or thermal adhesive however there was then some thin tape as well as like a foam pad, I'm just wondering what are these things and where can I replace them them
  2. So I ordered some new ram sticks, cmt32gx4m2c3600c18, went to overclock using the DRAM calculator and Thiaphoon however while using Thiaphoon I discovered I have a Nanya Die, I have never heard of this brand and it's not even listed in the DRAM calculator, looked up online, most places say it's rubbish, went to look on how I can get a different die, discovered that the version number says what die it is pretty much, however my version number is 4.31 which from what I read should be a Samsung die so now I'm even more confused so any help on what this Nanya die really is, how good it is etc would be lovely, and if I should return it and try and get a better die
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