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  1. Unfortunately, the Vengeance Airflow fan will not work with Vengeance RGB Pro due to the shape of the modules.
  2. It's certainly possible depending on the motherboard. Paul's Hardware did a build with an MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk; if you refer to the timestamp below, you can see that the memory is tucked under the fan. Unfortunately, without either motherboard in hand, I can't give you a definitive answer.
  3. The Windows disconnection sound is normal behavior for iCUE when it first starts, as it is performing a detection test and connecting to your devices. The light flicker occurs as iCUE is loading and switching to your software profiles. If everything is working after iCUE starts up, there is nothing to worry about.
  4. The predefined fan curves are fairly generic, so it may be worthwhile to configure a custom curve based on your noise preferences. If you are using the coolant temp as a guide, 50c is generally the safe limit. The 5800x also runs hot, and has a thermal limit of 90c before it will begin throttling. If you're using the CPU temp to set the fan curve, I would suggest setting the speed so that it's at a comfortable noise level and then ramping it up gradually as the temps go past 50-60c.
  5. The 5000D comes with a 6-port PWM controller, and the QL120 triple pack comes with a Lighting Node Core, which is a 6-port RGB controller. If the QL120's are the only fans you will be using in the case, then you have everything needed to connect and control them via iCUE. Keep in mind that the fans on the PWM controller will be adjusted together; there is no individual fan control.
  6. New PSUs will often emit a smell which can be due to flux, adhesives or other materials used in manufacturing. This will typically go away with time and use, however there is no exact time frame. As long as the PSU does not smell like it's burning, there should be nothing to worry about.
  7. It should fit, but it will be tight. MSI lists your GPU at 336mm in length, the picture below is with a 305mm GPU and a H150i with push-pull totaling in 77mm of thickness (25 + 27 + 25mm)
  8. It's totally fine to leave the pigtails disconnected when using those cables; you may wish to zip tie them out of the way. We recommend using a separate power cable for each of the 8-pin power connectors on your 3080.
  9. If you're looking for additional airflow, you could replace the glass with a 5000D Airflow Top Panel; https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-|-Parts/5000D-AIRFLOW-Top-Airflow-Panel%2C-Black/p/CC-8900495
  10. The 5000D does not come with any RGB fans and the 6-port PWM repeater can be controlled via a motherboard fan header. The 5000X does come with RGB fans as well as the aforementioned PWM repeater. It also includes a Lighting Node Core, which will require iCUE for RGB control.
  11. Hey Macastan, the picture below is the 5000D with a H150i Elite Capellix installed on the top. The combined thickness of the H150i radiator and fan is 52mm; based on the specifications from NZXT, the combined thickness of the X73 is 55mm. It will be tight, but it should clear the motherboard heat sinks.
  12. While we do not offer official extension cables, forum users typically suggest Pirate Dog (https://piratedog.tech/collections/corsair-rgb-extensions-cables).
  13. A 360mm on top and a 480mm in the front should work, however a thick front radiator may interfere with the top radiator. A 420mm on top and a 480mm in front will definitely not work. Check out this video by JayzTwoCents, where he goes into more detail and so you can see how the fitment will work.
  14. You should have no problems fitting a H150i to the front of your 4000D>
  15. The 275R can accommodate a 240mm radiator in the top position, but you will need low profile RAM in order for the fans to clear. (This is also dependent on motherboard DIMM slot placement) If you're looking to add an additional fan as an intake, you should have space below the H100i, as the case can accommodate up to a 360mm radiator in the front.
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