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  1. Hi yes you can swap the top and front tray around, they fits both places.
  2. I had the same problem after assembling my system. The air pocket disappeared after running the pump at 100% for some time.
  3. Updated to v,4.13.226, the problem is still there, I still have to restart ICue on each boot.
  4. Updated to iCUE v4.13.223 earlier today, still have the same problem with HydroX preset curves not being saved and not being available in the preset curve list. Still have to restart iCUE before HydroX is on the list
  5. Yes iCue is working on Windows 11. I have not encountered any problems so far
  6. you can exclude your extension cable if you try and connect it between your commander pro and your cpu block
  7. Have you set up the lighting channel that you uses for your XD5 pump? My light channels looks like this
  8. Yon can connect the 3 pin connector from you cooler to the 4 pin connect on you MB with out any problems. the 4 th pin is only used for PWM control
  9. It's a shame you can't get it right now, but I think it will get back in stock. Corsair's EU shop has it in stock right now so have many other webshops here in Europe , so i think other corsair shops will get is back in stock soon
  10. Yes the fan tray is identically with the one in the front. and it can be installed it the top of the case whit out any problems, I have it installed in my own Obsidian 1000D
  11. There are no accessory to convert from 140mm to 120mm. The best solution if you want to have a 360 mm radiator on the top is to buy a new 8 x 120mm fan tray for the top https://www.corsair.com/eu/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/PC-Components/Cases/Obsidian-1000D-8x-120mm-Fan-Tray/p/CC-8900160
  12. I have tried creating a new profile it does not change anything. I still have to restart iCue after each booth to select hydroX hardware. And when I close the iCue window it reverts back to quiet setting.
  13. iCue 4.12.214 reverts everything to quiet profile on each boot. After boot I have to manually restarts iCue before I get an option to select Hydro X products.
  14. For your fist question I think the screws are easy to acces, I have a RX6800XT installed https://i.imgur.com/FGqBurG.jpg It does not have any drive bays, the front is all glass. For the glass panels they are tinted so when the leds are off it's all black and you can hardly look inside
  15. I would recommend that you get a new pair of memory modules. If buy a pair they have been testet to work together whit out any problems. If you just buy 1 new memory module you can't be sure they can run together whit out any problems
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