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  1. iCue version v4.16.194 After iCue update, a few of the motherboard sensors are displaying incorrect values. Hwinfo was able to display the temps correctly so the sensors aren't broken.
  2. Try power cycle the PC, it works around 90% of the time
  3. Currently, iCue only detects 2 lighting zones on the GPU, I've tried reinstall, uninstall then reinstall of both iCue and Armoury Crate but neither helped. Unsure why it suddenly stopped working, was fine yesterday and no new programs or updates were installed. iCue v4.14.179 Asus Armoury Crate v4.2.8 Windows 10 Pro v19043.1202
  4. Are you sure it's actually 'working'? Sometimes it decides to work randomly but if you lock your pc/ sleep, restart iCue or restart / shutdown, then it will stop working.
  5. Anyone got a problem where the screen size of the app goes back to default after a restart?
  6. Keep in mind that locking the PC, putting it to sleep, restarting iCue crashing or restarting iCue will stop it working again. For me, there has been some consistency when I create a custom Aura profile where the Motherbord and GPU are set to dark mode, then shut down and turn power supply off. However this only works around 20% of the time... Hopefully the release a patch for iCue soon.
  7. Keep in mind you need a lighting node core for fans not connected to the Commander Core. If you connect the ML fans to the lighting node core, you'll need to set them up as 6 ML fans. This is because the CAPELLIX comes with a different ML120 fan which has 8 LED's.
  8. Sorry, I forgot to mention that both the Commander Pro and the Commander Core will only support 1 type of fan connected to them. ie all fans need to be ML or QL or LL ect. If you try to mix and match, it will most likely not work.
  9. When you buy a 3 pack for either QL /ML, you'll get a lightning node pro as well as a Corsair RGB Fan LED Hub, so there's no need to buy them separately. AIO: Arctic Freezer II will likely perform a bit better under load. However you will not be able to control the pump via icue. H150i Elite Capellix: Will be able to control pump & fan rpm via iCue AIO Fans: I really don't recommend using QL fans on the AIO since its low static pressure will hurt cooling performance. Best stick with stock fans or white LL120's as they have increased max RPM and static pressure over the black model. Assuming you go full Corsair with 7 fans in total you'll need Commander Core (CC) & 1 Fan LED hub 6 Fans directly connected to RGB headers on CC 5 fans directly connected to PWM headers on CC With the last header, connect a 2 way PWM splitter 1 fan will need to be connected to Fan LED hub which connects to CC Assuming you go with Arctic Freezer II with 7 corsair fans Commander Pro (CP) & 2 x Fan LED hub Note: commander pro is only needed if you want to control fan curves in iCue 5 fans directly connected to PWM headers on CP With the last header, connect a 2 way PWM splitter Connect RGB cables to headers on Fan LED hub Assuming you go with Arctic Freezer II with stock Aio & corsair fans Commander Pro (CP) & 1 x Fan LED hub Stock AIO fans can go on commander pro Rest is same as above
  10. I've updated my MP600 2TB to firmware 13 but the slowdown only happens after the first test run. Side note I'm running full disk encryption (hardware encryption disabled) using Bitlocker.
  11. Did you happen to update some services or Armoury Crate itself? If you did, see if you can use windows restore point to roll back the updates. If you can't then unfortunately, you'll have to wait it out until a fix is released. From what Asus tells me, it's due to a problem where both Armory Crate and iCue are trying to control the RGB at the same time. Hopefully they are already working on this with iCue devs.
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