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  1. There actually is a way to do this, but it is incredibly tedious. Basically, figure out how many Lighting Effects you want in your chain. For example, I'm using QL fans, and created a Pong effect across 8 fans on two different CoPros. I created the designated number of lighting effects (94 total in my case). I then set the LEDs for each lighting effect with 3 changes. Black, color, then black again. Move to the next lighting effect and continue. The hardest part is getting the timing right. I found by editing the iCue Profile file if you export it, it is just an XML file. You can edit in notepad. The timing is represented as a percentage, and extends up to 18 places past the decimal. Divide 1 by the number of lighting effects to get your increment. So for 94 LEs, my interval between effects was 0.010638297872340426. You can use something like excel to make this easier, but it will give you precise timing instead of using the slider which you can't get exact. The messy way is to just set the duration to the number of seconds of how many LEs you want + 0.5, then just set the intervals on the number. The first LE is the only one that is different so you can have a smooth transition and it bounces nicely. The below example executes LE1 on the first second and the last second with color. So... LE1 Color - 0 Seconds Black - 0.5 Second Black - # of LEs minus 0.5 (93.5 in my case) Color -# of LEs (94 in my case) LE2 through ... - (Up to 100 if using the slider method, not sure what the cap is if editing the XML file) Black - 1.5 Second Color - 2.5 Seconds Black - 3.5 Seconds LE3 Black 2.5 Seconds Color - 3.5 Seconds Black - 4.5 Seconds etc... Once complete, set the duration of each LE to the total amount of time you want the sequence to take. You can do this easily editing the profile in a text file, and searching for <duration>[some Number In miliseconds]</duration> and replacing all of the values with what you want. For example, 8 seconds would be <duration>8000</duration>. Just remember to do this first, because if you have other LEs with different durations, you will change those as well. Hope this helps.
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