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  1. I looked at i7200 before, not available in Canada, yep Canadian :) I even considered re purchasing the C1 2080ti (returned after news of the 3000 series) and even that is no longer available in Canada.
  2. I've been waiting for sometime for the corsair one with 3000 nvidia. Unfortunately can't wait much longer seeing that Alien ware already has 3080s and 3090s in theie Rurora R11 for a couple of months now. I don't like the looks for the R11 at all or the size but can't wait for 6 months for corsair to bring out a new model. It really sucks that corsair is taking that long to come up with a new model or even it tell us when one is expected. Everyone knows when the new MacBooks with 'M1X' are likely to come out but with C1 we just don't have a clue, let a lone if one will ever come out. When you google for news on C1, the last news was 6 months ago! You come here to see if there is anything and you find "we appreciate your enthusiasm". How long will enthusiasm last? mine ran out.
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