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  1. Hi, thanks for the response. I have already submitted it for RMA and they have confirmed the issue and have processed my refund.
  2. So, I did something very drastic over the weekend- https://imgur.com/p16MxUs Although I loved the Lancool 2 and I can vouch for it being a great case for air cooled builds, I really struggled finding compatible components for water cooling. The XD5 is so much quieter than the XD3(potentially faulty) that I can barely hear it even when its running on full speed. This is how the coolant temps look after 1 run of Cinebench R20- https://imgur.com/Sxr5ksj Ambient was around 25degrees These are the temps during a run of Cinebench R20- https://imgur.com/hQecpz2 I then ran P95 at max heat settings for couple of mins and the core temps were- https://imgur.com/V2XT3d0 Benchmarking AC:Odyssey, the CPU hit a max of 71 and GPU hit a max of 47. I guess with a longer gaming session I will see higher temps. And I have kept the filter in the loop because even after the 2nd run it caught a lot of debris, I am suspecting they are tiny rubber specks from my ZMT. I will eventually get rid of it, but for now I'll leave it on. Next stop, hard tubing during the X'mas break :)
  3. Hey Guys, I setup the loop again but the noise has reappeared. It was fine while I was filling the loop and after 5-10 mins the noise reappeared, although it is a lot mellow than previously. I am running the pump at a steady 50% and its quiet except for few ticking noises every now and then, almost like electricity crackles, not sure what they are. At this point, I am thinking of seeking a replacement and take it from there. Maybe switch to a EK FLT. The CPU temps are still the same, I get 5-6 degrees variance between cores when on load and it still hits high 80s - low 90s when benchmarking. GPU temps are awesome, max I have seen is 48degrees.
  4. Yeaa, we're just into summer here in the southern hemisphere. I think the ambient at the time when I was testing it would have been mid-20s to high-20s. I'll do more thorough testing after I put back the loop.
  5. So, have a big news to break. I made a test setup as this: https://imgur.com/a/i6fglTW And this is how the pump noise was: https://imgur.com/a/IjNtX2x It was just loud but there was no grinding or creaking noises from it. So I guess it was the restriction that was causing the issue. I will put together the loop again without any impediments, might just use the filter. Because after a 3 hour run, this is what the filter was able to collect: https://imgur.com/a/W5zONd3 Thanks for your suggestions guys, all this is very new to me. Glad to have you all help me out, really appreciate it.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, I will give it a try with just the cpu and a rad in the loop and see how it goes. Just to clarify, the stopper that I mentioned in my previous post is actually a ball valve for draining the loop.
  7. The device right out of the pump out is a filter, which then hits a T-piece and goes into the GPU inlet. The 3rd outlet of the T-piece has been blocked by a stopper.
  8. The top rad and front rad fans are both intake with a single fan exhausting hot air from the back. I was running the pump full speed when I ran some Cinebench R20 runs and did couple of benchmarks of AC: Odyssey. I have now disconnected everything as my Corsair XD3 pump seems to have some issues with loud grinding noise. I have a separate forum post on that: https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=202255 I suspect that the VRM caps height is causing the left side of the block to be a little raised as compared to the right side. I could see no gaps between the VRM caps and the block and it was sitting pretty flush on the left side however on the right side I could a bit of gap. Images here: https://imgur.com/a/rfELa8f The thermal paste was spread like this:https://imgur.com/a/TEy4PbA I used the pea and the four dots on the corner method for applying the thermal paste. The compatibility between the block and the motherboard seems to be "visual" only.
  9. Thanks for the responses guys, really appreciate it. To be honest, I was getting almost 10degrees better temp on an EK 240mm AIO so I naturally assumed a custom loop should at least match it if not better it. I am planning to dismantle everything and see how good the block has seated over the CPU. Here's a pic, although I was hoping that my first pic would be with a lot more bling and a functioning loop :P https://imgur.com/a/zusAU4Q The case is a Lian Li Lancool 2 so the airflow is good, all the fans are Noctuas NF-A12. The top rad is a HWL 240 GTS X-Flow and the front rad is a Corsair XR5 360
  10. I have an inline temp sensor at the outlet of the CPU block, another one between the two rads and the temp sensor in the reservoir. All of them were showing temps in mid-30s to high-30s with around 1~2 degree difference. The GPU was sitting at low 40s, its just the CPU block that was reading super high temps. The order of components in the loop is as: Pump/Reservoir > GPU Block > CPU Block > Rad 1 > Rad 2 > Pump/Reservoir
  11. Hi, I recently put together my first custom watercooling loop and I chose the Corsair XC7 as the cpu block for my Intel 10600KF OC'd to 5.0ghz @ 1.3V. The idle temps are in the mid-40s degree celsius and a 5 min gaming run can get the temps in the 80s celsius. I suspect the CPU block is not making good contact with the CPU due to the surrounding VRM capacitors. I checked on the Corsair website and it states that the CPU block - CX-9010006-WW is compatible with my motherboard - MSI MEG Unify Z490. The block seems to be quite snug but I feel its resting over the capacitors. Any advice on what to do regarding this.
  12. Hello Everyone, I am from Australia and just today setup my first ever custom watercooling loop. I used the Corsair XD3 pump/reservoir combo and it is making a loud grinding noise from the time I switched it on. Initially I thought that it is air bubbles and after bleeding the noise will subside. I bled the loop for close to 3 hours but the noise still persisted. I bit the bullet and started my PC. Using Commander Pro if I set the pump speed to 50% or less then the pump is quiet. If I raise it any more than 50% then the grinding noise comes back on. Also, if I rotate and hold my PC at a 60 degree angle the grinding noise reduces. At this point I have no idea what is wrong. I am suspecting its the pump itself and I may have to RMA it. Can anyone advice on the issue? You can hear the sound generated by the pump here: https://imgur.com/jydbyQq Kind Regards, Rajiv
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