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  1. A Commander Pro running 6 QL Fans and a Lighting Node Core with 2 LL Fans. I have reverted back to 4.14.179 for now.
  2. Despite custom colors selected the Heartbeat animation runs as if Random has been selected after a reboot. Selecting Random and then back to custom fixes the issue until next reboot.
  3. After finding my profiles are not backwards compatible I edited my: Copied and appended the predefined profiles to the bottom of the list : and changed: to Thus allowing me to edit these profiles and not have them disappear when iCUE decides it can no longer detect the pump/reservoir
  4. After waiting and waiting I've bit the bullet and reverted back to iCUE v3. This is not a great experience...
  5. Was hopping this latest update would have a fix for this. Still reverting to "quiet" profiles on boot.
  6. The new integration menu is probably the cause. Check settings under "Integration" and make sure you set "Enable Software Integrations" to on.
  7. The latest iCUE 4 update has a new menu for software and game integrations! Is there a new API to leverage this?
  8. Simple command line arguments/parameters would be a huge leap. A simple .bat script could be launched to change profiles.
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