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  1. Ah. Thanks for info! How did you monitor SSD temperature? I read somewhere else on the Forum that it's no in iCUE anymore (and I can't see it either).
  2. New development. I didn't have a crash in a few days, so I was hoping that the problem was solved, but now it happened again (yesterday and today), and when the computer restarted I came to the BIOS screen (see pic). If I read that screen correctly (can you verify?), it says I have no M2 SSD drive (the system drive), so a likely cause seems to be intermittent failure of the SSD device. After turning off the computer, letting it rest for a minute, it starts again. Running the Corsair Diagnostics doesn't reveal any errors. So I guess I should buy a new M2 drive. Any other advice? Like, opening the computer and check the SATA cable or whatever?
  3. I just downgraded to iCUE 3.27.68 in order to get rid of HIDClass that might or might not cause the problems. Didn't help, got a new blue screen this morning, so now I'm back at 3.35.152 and HID I have updated all drivers from NVIDIA. It might also be related to the Windows update KB4576478 (.NET cumulative update) that was installed around the same time or the function update Windows 10 v 2004. Unfortunately, I cannot roll back that update anymore (Windows Update doesn't allow roll backs after more than 10 days). I did contact support. They found this thread and advised me to follow it. I guess I'll just uninstall random software, then wait a few days for more crashes, and if I get them, uninstall some more. I'll report any findings here.
  4. Hi all, I bought a Corsair One 160 something like a year ago, and it has worked just fine until a few weeks ago when Windows Update installed the Corsair HIDClass Since then, I get a blue screen every few days. Someone else has a similar experience? (and possibly even a solution...)
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