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  1. Not to my knowledge. I specifically remember the issue beginning after the software itself updated.
  2. This is what I see. But when I check, it says everything is enabled with the exception of Spyware protection Windows Defender. It says that's disabled, but I am unable to find where to enable it, and Webroot is taking care of that anyway. Like I said, this only started in the last few months. Up until then, the diagnostics tool had no issues and was green all the time.
  3. I use Webroot for PC security, and up until a recent update, the Corsair Diagnostics application by PC Doctor never had any issues with it. Now it always has a yellow flag for security, even though everything everywhere is enabled properly, both in Webroot and the basic stuff provided by Windows/Microsoft. Is there no way to make this go away? I tried uninstalling it, then reinstalled and updated it, with no success. Every other section is fine, and it's making the perfectionist in me a little batty seeing that yellow bubble every time boot up.
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