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  1. I must say I'm very disappointed with the responses (and lack thereof) in regards to myself and others having issues with their headsets. It seems to me that having the capability of firmware updates on these devices should be used to help existing users use their headsets with the new console - instead the consistent message is to "Check out the new HS75 XB Wireless!". I don't buy new headsets for every platform, and if the message here from Corsair is that you *need* to for their products, I will be looking elsewhere going forward. Also 4 days later and my support ticket has no feedback.
  2. On xbox one, they used optical audio to circumvent wireless. With the series x they updated firmware to transmit audio through USB.
  3. I did not explicitly see that it would be supported from the Corsair side, but it was reported that XSX now supports wireless headsets via USB Dongle, so I did not think it was out of the realm of possibility. Astro also released a firmware update for their existing headset so that it would work with XSX. Is Corsair official stance that they will NOT be updating firmware on this headset to work with XSX?
  4. Has anyone had any success using this with the XSX? Online it says that USB Dongle Wireless headsets should work, but I can't get the Xbox Series X to recognize this headset. Im on the latest firmware for the headset, but no go. Thanks.
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