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  1. Thanks buddy, but closing iCue, restarting the service, rebooting, creating a new profile, whatever. Nothing keeps the layout of the dashboard or the home screen for me. The functionality just doesnt exist within the software. We need an "Export/Save" layout function. People have been complaining or asking for this for some time.
  2. Hey all, I'm a big fan of Corsair stuff I must say. I've had numerous cases and peripherals over the years, and i'm quite happy with everything. In fact on the reddit/r/corsair sub, I recently posted my new 5000x /w XD7 build. Huge amount of Corsair stuff inside the case, as well as keyboard / mouse / headset. I even picked up a Nexus yesterday for monitoring. (That I think is fantastic for what it does, for what I need.) BUT FOR THE LOVE OF ANYTHING HOLY! Please, please, please fix or enable the ability to SAVE the bl00dy HOME page and DASHBOARD layouts. EVERY time, I reboot, or even lock my workstation and come back, not only is the layout reset, but all the sensors and graphs that I have lovingly ordered to my preference, have gone back to some ordering that Icue thinks is better than me. That's it isn't, the the icue stuff is silently judging you. Also, the Multi / Single OCP settings on my ax1500i, well they just don't work.
  3. Hello, I took delivery of a new shiny Dark Core RGB Pro SE yesterday, as well as an MM800 mouse mat to drive it on. I'm having double-click issues with the back button (the right thumb button.) I was previously on a Glaive RGB Pro, but wanted to go wireless. Intermittently, when I'm browsing and want to go back a page, as is standard behaviour for any mouse, it goes back 2 pages instead of just 1, as if the button is registering 2 clicks not a single. Icue is latest version, 3.34.170, Win10. Anyone have any ideas? The firmware for the mouse was already up to date when I unboxed it and plugged it in for the first time. I'm not new to icue or Corsair, most of my peripherals and PC, are in fact Corsair, and I have been using the eco-system for nearly 2 years. Any ideas, or should I just RMA / DOA the thing? I've already been through the M65 double-click issue with a previous rodent. Thanks Spoon.
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