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  1. I bought a PSU that after a short time became defect. So I started googling the issue and found a Therese where the customer support wrote as an answer ”Just contact us and we’ll send you a new one”. So I did just that, contacted corsair hoping to get a new PSU before the one I got stops working at all. After some days they responded and askes some questions. I answered. After another few days It was approved. But then they wanted me to send my PSU first, but that can’t happen since I work on the PC the PSU is connected to. So after another few days they said they were going to send a PSU to me first. I responed. After another few days they asked for payment. I answered for what? After a few days they said because they are at risk by sending me the PSU first. I replied, So I should be at risk? When it’s you who’ve sold me a defect PSU After Another few days I got an email from ”escalated team” or something. Escalated? Because I’m wondering why I should pay? Anyway she said exactly what the other guy had said but in one email. Now I was so tired of this customer support, takes days for answers and they’re not responding to my questions, only like generalised answers So I pay them the money just so I can get the new PSU atleast. Like $140. After a few days I got an answer saying they’ve sent the new PSU. After a week or so I got it. Now they’ve stopped responding to my messages about a return label for the other PSU so I can get my money back. No answers in a week. So I called them and there was this dude answering and I explained that I need a return label to send the PSU back so I can get my money back. He was like ”it’s not working” So he redirected me to another dude who I needed to explain everything again. He asked me to hold and then was like ”It’s not working” He said he was going to contact me later, but I doubt it... I feel kinda scammed This has taken more then THREE months! I just want my money back... I knew i never should’ve paid.. Sorry for my bad English, it’s not my mothertongue.
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