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  1. Bump, this issue is mad annoying and I'm finding myself yelling more and more into the mic during discord calls. i tried everything I can think of and researched 1) uninstalled and clean installed ICUE ( which btw made one of my fan lights turn off....that will be for another occasions ) 2) turned side tone on and max volume within corsair, the sidetone is there but unless I cup my hand on the mic I can hardly hear myself 3) tried to turn "listen to this device" in windows but the delay in sidetone is unacceptable 4) updated all firmware for the headset (which btw started to make duplicate copies of itself, wtf corsair) love the headset to death and saved up, I know the void pro's had this bug but I cant find a solid fix even for that......need some help otherwise these are going back to the return bin.
  2. not having a fully flesh sidetone is kind of irritating for my new virtuoso head set, I'm running both the newest version of icue and can still barely hear myself while in chat or playing a game. wheres the fix for this? i cannot be the only person who is dealing with it
  3. Hello guys, im at my wits end here with these headsets and could use a lay up. Got the virtuoso headsets the other week and found that the side tone volume is so weak, icue has it maxed but I can hardly hear myself still and find that I'm talking so loudly that the girlfriend gets upset. this issue wasn't a problem with the void pros that I replaced it with it in the past. Its hard to describe, but there is a sidetone and I can hear myself, but its so muffled. And if I put my hands and cup the mic and I can hear that much louder. i tried to clean re-install icue and updated all firmware wit no luck. anyone got any ideas what else I can do?
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