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  1. this is reply from corsair if anyone else has this issue . (Corsair) Jun 8, 2020, 5:29:29 AM PDT Thank you for your patience. Please accept my apologies for the late reply. I had to contact our engineering team for advice and was waiting for their reply. We are really sorry to inform you, that ASUS Turbo GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER Evo graphic card is not compatible with XG7 water block due to some components differing from the Founders Edition graphic cards. Thus, ASUS Turbo GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER Evo graphic card has already been removed from the Hydro X compatibility list. Please contact your retailer for the refund. If your retailer does not provide assistance, please attach a copy of your invoice, and we will help you out. I am really sorry for the inconvenience. Kind Regards,
  2. Hi I will let you know the outcome, I have sent pictures to corsair hydro x team and is just awaiting a reply, I installed the block back on there today to take the pictures but still wont post. thanks a lot Corsair GregX for the quick response and reply from the hydro x team very grateful for that :) thanks
  3. hi all, sorry been couple days to nice weather in uk not to enjoy it haha .. so I took the stock fan off and disconnected it put it back in the pc and it boots without any issues in to window then I switch it off, tried waterblock nothing, so if certainly must be the waterblock causing this but not sure where. only other option I got is to purchase a different waterblock see if it work and if it does then corsair maybe not suitable for the card even though there website says it is . unless anyone else has suggestion, I emails corsair directly 2 weeks ago but still waiting on a reply. thanks
  4. yea later today or tomorrow ill pull the card out unplug the small internal connectors and see if it boots, ill know straight away if it works, soon as waterblock is on I don't even get post screen up I just get white vga light on motherboard. if it passes that ill know it boot most likely. I have feeling most waterblocks manufacturers get the pcb design make a block say its compatible as long as screws and stuff line up and don't actually test and boot systems, I know when I looked at ek waterblock compatability for the card most of them says visual. but ill try disconnecting first see what happens :) thanks a lot for the help
  5. hi am using the below card link there to GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER Blower EVO 8192MB GDDR6 PCI-Express Graphics Card TURBO-RTX2070S-8G-EVO https://www.overclockers.co.uk/asus-geforce-rtx-2070-super-blower-evo-8192mb-gddr6-pci-express-graphics-card-gx-43s-as.html well if it gpu that's at fault am stuck on using air cooling as I been trying to get answer for this for 2 weeks emailed the corsair, asus and the company I bought it from who told me since I removed the cooler I voided the warrenty on it which I knew was the risk anyway and is hoping its the waterblock, ill try unplugging the 2 cables see what happens thx
  6. hi its weird alright never had this issue before with any gfx and waterblock in past, I not tried running the stock cooler without the fan plugged in, there 2 cables on the stock cooler white and brown? which is fan guessing the other controlling the small rgb on fan or could I just unplug them both, if the card doesn't post with fan disconnected is that fault or card been designed to work with fan connected as fail safe? ryzen 7 3700x don't have intergrated gpu chips and my monitor only has hdmi no display ports as I have not updated monitor thinking hdmi would be ok :) thx
  7. hi on the riser cable no but I have on the card on 2 of the attempts to get it working with watercooling made sure everything was clean, each time I removed the card I put the plastic cover for the pcie contacts back on to make sure I have not damaged or got dust or dropped anything on the card
  8. I use the cablemod riser cable kit it works fine with card on air cooler and spare old ti560 card I have lying about, at moment its not fitted in the pc and the card just plugged into the pcie port, both card work in this port to, but the moment I put waterblock on with ot without backplate, vga light comes on wont post, am sure it a block issue but I cant narrow down to where as if it is I can try return it as it not even month I have had it as it was all bought brand new. thanks for replies :)
  9. hi yes I checked that the waterblock was compatible through corsair website and it says it was. the GPU card is asus 2070 super turbo model: TURBO-RTX2070S-8G-EVO the waterblock is CX-9020009-WW which corsair website says is compatible. The card is running perfectly fine at moment in the computer with default air cooler, soon as I put the waterblock on it doesn't post tried this 3 times, and with and without the backplate installed in case it was that. I do have raiser cable and vertical mount it works fine with card on air cooler and with different gpu card but at moment I took it out just to try and get waterblock to work which is not working vertical mount or just normally plugged in to the pci-e slot, but its all works on air cooler when I remove the block the whole chip and the block shows it connecting with the thermal paste, the pads are showing indents in them as if they hitting the chip on the card to. yea all the power connectors are plugged in as I working with all the same cables on air cooler, I did wonder if the card is causing issue with no fan connected, but never had this in past and I cant see bios setting to change there either for that. thanks
  10. Hi . I just build new system, I been running my ASUs 2070 super gpu on air cooling for 3 days making sure it work, today I fitted my water cooling, the gpu won’t boot up with Corsair hydro block on it, I get white light on motherboard, so I drained the system, put the stock cooler back on it booted up fine, swap back to the water cooling it will not boot am I missing something, ? The rbg connected is plugged in to my commander pro and the rbg works fine but card won’t boot it’s weird? Any help be grateful Thanks
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