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  1. Hi Corsair Mint, thanks for your response. I just submitted a ticket, hopefully the process will go smoothly!
  2. Hello, This is a complete shot in the dark and to save everyone's time in case it's impossible - I bought this unit from Newegg at Feb-28-2018 and received it in April. I believe the warranty is 2 years, so it would've just expired. TL;DR: The GPU is broken, everything else is fine. If a warranty exists, can I just send back the GPU? All other components are completely functional, and I need to work remotely during the quarantine. Machine details: No modifications prior to problem, dual watercooled CPU and GPU (i7-7700K, GTX1080). 480GB M2 NVME, 2 TB HDD, 16GB DDR4. Details: After updating NVIDIA drivers (430's to 442.19 I believe), the single GPU blower went extremely loud and the game crashed while playing Overwatch. I monitored the temperatures of both the CPU and GPU, and both were around 50-60C. There was nothing out of the ordinary in Event Viewer, and the pumps for both water coolers were working. All connectors were re-seated (A few months ago, the 9-pin from the pump for the GPU to the USB header was loose, and the same thing happened except temps were very high; re-seating solved this back then). I tried re-installing the drivers, using the DDU and re-installing, re-seating the card, but it didn't solve the issue. Any game would crash the computer, and later when doing some word processing the entire screen turned black and showed a cross-like pixellated pattern. I could not get the computer to successfully post until I swapped out the GPU. Fortunately, the spare GPU I have GTX970 fit on the side and I could somewhat close the case, but the I/O only has 1DP/2DVI/1HDMI, and effectively I can only use the HDMI because the cables are too short.. More Details.. (on the GTX1080) Nothing shows up on the monitors, nothing audible (HDD doesn't spin, no beeps), and keyboard/mouse do not light up. On my test bench, I get the POST code EB (Calling Legacy Option ROMS?), and also nothing on the screen. This is a shot in the dark because: - Warranty expired - I removed the GPU and its watercooler components (I can put it back together, but I need to use the computer for work) - Although I've serviced computers in the past (A+), I don't have any certifications with Corsair Is there anything Corsair can do for me at this point? The craftsmanship was excellent and I apologize for taking things apart, but all components are fully functional except the GTX1080.
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