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  1. A picture of the issue... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vbz2uszv5bomJfUzrFN5PDZ42s-jRLaV/view?usp=sharing
  2. Hi! Since I installed my system half a year ago I had no issues whatsoever. Until yesterday night when one of my two XD5-pumps started to melt at the top where the black lid with the two openings is located. It started to smell really bad and I directly took the system off of electricity. Started my system this morning again and right away (!!!) the pump continues to melt and fume. Help, what is this? I have already sent an RMA to Corsair. My system: Corsair Obsidian 1000d MSI MEG Godlike Z490 Intel i9-10900k 2 x ASUS ROG strix 2080ti in SLI 64 GB RAM G.Skilll Trident Z Samsung EVO970 1TB WD black SN750 500GB Seagate IronWOlf 10GB Win10 vers 2004 (updated to last official update) Logitech mouse, keyboard and webcam The processor and graphics cards have their separate watercooling loop, like Corsair shows when you build a custom loop on their homepage. I did exactly as they show using only Hydro X parts, even the XC7 for processor and the graphics card custom coolers.
  3. Looks cool!! How did u get the PSU into there? Got my 1000D today. Checked the size of your PSU which is exactly the same size like mine but I cannot get it to fit?!? Any ideas or suggestion? Greets, Christian
  4. HELP Forum! I need help. Have an EVGA16000T2 and a BeQuiet Straight Power 11 850W and both do not fit into the opening on the backside of the 1000D case! Do I need to buy an extra slim one? Have removed all brackets and stuff... Help! Regards, Christian B
  5. Looks awesome! One question since I just received the 1000D. Which PSU does fit in there??? Tried everything but nothing fits! Help! Have an EVGA1600T2 and a BeQuiet850W straight power 11. Both do not fit. Have removed all the brackets bur the opening for the PSU that the 1000D offers is so small... Greetings, Chris
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