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  1. Could the stock fan(s) on the air cooler not being connected cause this?
  2. Well I'm battin 1000. I ordered a mini pcie usb card not realizing how small it was thinking by the picture it would fit a pcie x4 slot. Whoops :D . So I'm going back to the external usb A cable option. I found the pin out for the cable and can fab one no problem, but found this super sweet looking one with chokes on it. https://www.moddiy.com/products/USB-9%252dPin-Internal-Motherboard-Male-Header-to-Dual-USB-Type%252dA-Adaptor.html I think it's shipping from China, so who knows how long it will take to get. So I'm probably fab a temporary one in the mean time.
  3. It's all good brother, I appreciate you questions/ insight. They are things I haven't thought of. Still waiting for them to arrive in the mail, but I will be using an adapter cable that has a male 9pin connector on one end to plug into the CoPro. And a 19 pin female connector on the other to plug into a pcie x4 mini usb 3.0 adapter card. I'm assuming it'll work but figured usb 2.0 is backward compatible with 2.0. My Aurora R9 case is very limited on space. I will be cutting it in places and have to mount the XD5 pump on the outside. Still playing around with mounting locations in a 3d model I threw together in Fusion360. But only plan to add the 3 LL120 fans I purchased for the radiator. 2 for the 240mm radiator and the extra one will add some push or pull air flow somewhere....so I don't plan to add another CoPro or fans. Maybe some led strips though.
  4. Thanks for the input DevBiker. Guessing it's obvious that I don't know much about internal USB connections and appreciate the input. I really want a clean look with my build and have decided to not use the cable. I searched and searched for a pcie x4 card with a usb 9 pin connector but didn't find any. Decided to go with a mini pcie x4 to usb 3.0 card with a 19 pin connector. Then an adapter cable with a male 9pin usb male to 19pin usb female to connect the CoPro to my mobo. Will update this post and make a post about my build in another section of the forum in the hopefully near future. Thanks again for the input. So far impressed with Corsair's quality and customer support:cool:
  5. I have a DellienWare Aurora R9 that I am modding to liquid cool my graphics cards. I purchased the Commander Pro, along with a laundry list of other Corsair parts, to achieve the cooling and custom bling I am looking for. I am currently in the tear down and design phase and trying to figure out how to electrically connect the 9 pin internal USB cable that came with the Commander Pro to the OEM mobo...which as far as I can tell...does not have a 9 pin USB header on it. I've been researching various cables and options and what seemed like the best option was an adapter cable I purchased on Amazon. Said cable being a 9 pin USB header to male USB cable. Basically an adapter cable with the 9 pin male connector on one end that my mobo lacks, and a standard USB plug on the other end that will plug into one of the many available external USB ports. I received the cable today and the package states, "NOTE: Only the 5 pin row is connected.". This is something I had not considered and am not sure if it will work. The cable wasn't expensive, so no biggie if it is not a good idea or will not work. I will be connecting the Commander Pro to it. And connecting (all Corsair) 3 LL120 fans w/Lighting Node Pro, 2x's Hydro X water blocks, and XD5 pump/ reservoir combo to it. Basically asking, will this work or is there a better way to connect the Commander Pro w/ all the Corsair fans and lighting to my mobo that lacks a 9 pin USB header. I do have one available PCIe x4 port available and was searching for a card to put here that had a 9 pin USB header. But gave up when I saw the cable I mentioned above. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.
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