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  1. I would put in a drain valve in the cooling loop......
  2. You can remove the HDD cage, the 360 AIO radiator will fit. That isn't a real picture of the case, it is a digital rendering.
  3. "I am not using the vertical GPU mount. I just did not like the look of the original blank cover plates and swapped them out for two that matched the other I/O plates."
  4. There hasn't been HDD LEDs on enthusiast cases in quite some time now. There isn't one because the case does not have a HDD LED.
  5. Looks authentic to me. What would make you think the are not genuine in the first place?
  6. Unfortunately, no. A 140mm fan will not fit on the rear exhaust fan position. 140mm fans would fit in the top however. You could put a 140mm fan top rear position and have it exhaust.
  7. Not recommended. Even if you got the same part number and revision number as your current sticks, they have not been tested to work together so you are taking chances they will not play nice with each other. Always recommended to buy memory in matched/tested kits.
  8. Does not matter which side is facing out, fits both ways but painted border side is the inside.
  9. You would want the 4x8GB matched and tested together kit. Never recommended to mix memory kits as there is no guarantee they will work together.
  10. Yes, drive does not go inside bracket. It goes on the outside of the bracket. The bracket's tabs will fit into slots and the thumb screw will screw into a threaded hole where the drive bracket mounts to the back side of the case. It will not fit on the case any other way.
  11. LEDs in the top of the res shorted? Seal in top of res leaking, causing short in LEDs up there? That's the only thing I can think of that would do that.
  12. You have the drive on the wrong side of the plate. It goes on the other side.
  13. Between shipping, supply and manufacturing disruptions from the pandemic we are now also dealing with the normal interruption of manufacturing from Asian countries as they switch production management. They work off of production cycles with a break in between the cycles. Everything tech is out of stock for the most part and no one will be able to say for sure when they will get more. The shutdown in production from the pandemic, delays in transportation of the products from the pandemic and the normal production cycle lul from overseas has caused all the existing inventory here to dry up and everyone waiting for more shipments from overseas to arrive.
  14. Radiator size is not going to lower you GPU temp any more than it is now. GPU water block efficiency, water temp in loop and ambient temp in room are going to have a bigger effect on lowering GPU temp. The water temp in the loop will never get below the ambient temp in the room, no matter how big or how many radiators you have. More radiator surface only means the loop would be able to move more heat from the water\radiator to the surrounding air before becoming saturated and unable to keep up with removing heat from the water. FPI density of fins on rad and type of fan used are very important for efficiency of the radiator(s). A good 240mm radiator should be more than sufficient for a RTX 2080Ti unless it is an EVGA KingPin model......... As said before, 45c is pretty good for a RTX 2080Ti under load on water.
  15. It looks like it is valid Corsair memory but models for the Chinese market and possibly single sticks, not a tested pair kit but not sure. A search on the internet shows hits for Chinese web sites selling it. If they work together, should be OK. You can always contact Corsair support and they will be able to tell you for sure if they are valid.
  16. You can use both RGB lighting hubs on a Node Pro. One on each lighting channel of the Node Pro and then set the type of fan for each channel in iQue.
  17. "C" in the part number is the module revision version and would need to match the new kit you want to install. https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=80808 More important is the version number of the modules as this determines the brand\type of memory chips used in the module. It is not recommended to use two separate untested together kits as even if the part number and version numbers are the same, you could still have compatibility\stability issues. They might work together, they might not.
  18. It is always advised to run a tested kit of modules. Even if you have two exact same kits with same version numbers, you could still run into compatibility\stability issues. No guarantees.
  19. The extra 4-pin is not required if you will not be doing any extreme overclocking. Only the 8-pin power is required for the motherboard to operate properly.
  20. Tax tariffs imposed on electronics manufactured and imported from overseas. Shortage of inventory state side because no shipments coming from overseas due to CORVID-19 pandemic causing price gouging. Normal inflation over the last 3 years.
  21. They replace your existing cables and plug directly into the PSU.
  22. "this sounds like the block and board are shorting maybe...." Bingo!
  23. It is just 180 out in the dimm configuration in iQue. You need to go into dimm setup and rotate the 3rd module pic.
  24. The front panel is held onto the front frame of the case with plastic pins that snap into holes in the front frame of the case. You just need to pull the front panel away from the front frame of the case. It might be a bit tight but it will pop off if you pull on it. There are no screws or cables you need to disconnect first.
  25. Even though the two kits are the same speed and timings, the version numbers are different meaning the two kits are using different memory chips on them. It is not recommended to use unmatched memory kits as it can cause instability and compatibility issues as you have found out. You either need to get a matching kit for the capacity you want, or find another kit that is the same version as one of the kits you already have. You could try to loosen the timings of the memory, but no guaranty it will be stable.
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