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  1. Thanks to the both of you. Glad I was worried about nothing. c-attack , That's just a background image, and not the XD5 loop.
  2. I have the pump sensor cable plugged into my CPU fan header. When I look at it's reading in iCUE or HWiNFO64 it's giving me a fluctuating reading between 3792rpm and 3971rpm. Bios says the same but also tells me the pump speed which is fine @ low setting 1933rpm. Ive ignored it for a couple of months but it's really bugging me. This is ok right? Just a weird / buggy sensor reading? One other thing... Under load when the CPU temp gets above 50c it seems like some bubbles in the pump gurgle a little, in the last day I have tilted the case. It seems ok. My question, why would it only gurgle under load / hot? Thanks ever so much
  3. Thanks for the reply. OK I will use the connections I circled in red. One for the 2x4 and one for 2x2.
  4. Hey, thanks for looking at my post. Ive recently had to replace various PC components due to a faulty PSU wreaking havoc with in my old build. Anyhow, the MOBO I am getting is an Aorus Z390 AORUS PRO with a i7 9700k. Powered by a Corsair RM850. I have noticed MOBO CPU power connections are ATX_12V_2X4 and ATX_12V_2X2. From what I understand I will be fine only using the 12v 2x4 with no OC but I would like to also use the 2x2 as I plan on a fairly hefty OC. Now, here I will demonstrate that I am a complete and utter noob :D: With my dead EVGA PSU the connections on the back were blatantly obvious. However, with the Corsair RM850 I am not sure of the labelling. I will attempt to attach an image of the back of the PSU showing where I want to plug the cables into. Red circles are the ones I wish to use. I have a blue circle of another that maybe I should use? ---------- Please note my artistic skills in doing this. Advice please as I cant afford to build another PC tyvm
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