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  1. I am so angry. I already send the defective product and Corsair received it. I pay for advance RMA and the product is at my country and waiting for Corsair to respond so they clear the situation about custom fees. It's the 3rd day now and no one response to me or at the courier support. Plz help me. I am so angry I get 1 answer every 3-4 days. I open the RMA 19 DAYS AGO. :mad: Ticket number: #2000984177
  2. Yeah I get it but I reply instantly and then I get reply back after 3 days every time. It's 8 days now.
  3. I have a problem with my hydro cooling. I open a ticket for RMA Every time I get a reply I instantly reply back and every time I have to wait 2-3 days for an answer. It being 7 days now My ticket number is #2000984177
  4. Hello there. I submit my ticket 6 days ago and I get a response 2 days after and since then nothing!!!! I need help because I need the product as soon as possible for my work. What is the normal time to wait for a respone? Bc is 4 work days now and rma still open
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