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  1. Indeed, I have tried various things but the Xbox App just won't work. I realise the problem probably lies more in the way the app is set up,but still, it's a bummer. Maybe you folks could contact Microsoft or the people behind the Xbox App to work out some sort of solution? Having an entire screen on the Nexus dedicated to Xbox Gaming would be pretty sweet, just imagine... a shortcut to the app, social menu, capture menu, etc. Would also serve as some cool marketing material, "iCue Nexus, now with Xbox integration" ;p
  2. Alright, thanks for that. Discord works just fine now indeed, but can you please try this with the Xbox app? Not the Xbox game bar or console companion, but the Xbox game pass app. I can't get it to add to Nexus, no matter what I try. In the AppData folder there is only a shortcut to be found, so that must be the problem. I believe the actual install location is in Program Files/WindowsApps but that folder is owned by TrustedInstaller, and I DO NOT want to manually change ownership. I tried doing that last year because of a similar problem, but doing that messed up my whole pc. It broke the microsoft store and its apps for me, and I ended up having to do a clean Windows install to get everything working again. I realize the problem probably lies more with Windows then it does with the Nexus app, but it would be great if there was some way around this.
  3. Adding buttons to start apps located in the AppData folder simply does not work for me. I get "The File cannot be accessed by the system" when trying to select the application to launch every time. This issue is present on ALL apps located under AppData. Most of the apps I am trying to add are ones I REALLY wanted to add to the Nexus, such as Spotify, the Xbox PC App, Discord,... I am logged in as admin (only account on pc), I have full control/permissions, tried making a shortcut (and placing that in various locations),... Am I missing something here?
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