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  1. What's the point of setting it to dual monitor if you have one 32:9 monitor
  2. to add to this, you can but the screen sync LEDs will be off since there isn't support for that
  3. I'm very upset that there is still no reply I'm not sure if this feature is planned or not
  4. the response seems slow and it only seems to do one color at a time I think when we saw the demo we were imagining it more to be akin to an AMBILIGHT than just a single average color
  5. I noticed that when I turn on my FPS Counter in MSI Afterburner and then open ICue it shows the FPS counter in the icue interface, I wonder if that's related
  6. I believe it's any six strips of any size my 32:9 1440p ultrawide uses 2 short strips on the side and 2 long strips on the top and 2 on the bottom for a 21:9 you could prob use 4 short and 2 long
  7. I'm sure corsair can patch it in an ICUE update, for now I'll stick to the ambient lighting
  8. Right now there are dual monitor and single monitor modes, and they're exclusively set to: Single Mode 4 Strips in Video Mode Only one Monitor Dual Mode 6 Strips in Video Mode Only for Two Monitors I bought an extension kit to use on my superultrawide You can't use 6 strips on a single monitor, which really kills my new 32:9 ultrawide setup... Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm also having issues with Free Sync flickering input lag and incorrect colors, they also seem really dim compared to the regular Node Pro strips
  9. It should really be done like the Logitech software where you can define screen zones with squares.
  10. I have this same issue with an ultrawide, let it be known that the LS100 doesn't currently support ultrawides with the extension kit
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