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  1. Hi, The reason I had the RMA to begin with was because some of the switches were worse than others in the sense that they made a strange noise and didn't pull down as smoothly. The replacement keyboard also has this issue and it seems to be on more switches. Also, the space bar is quite loose.
  2. Hi, I already received the replacement from the ticket. However, the replacement that I received was faulty and, considering that I already paid for the shipping, is the issue that I need help with.
  3. Hi, today i received the replacement keyboard for the K95 Platinum. I had originally begun the RMA because some keys were making a strange metallic noise. Now, the noise is back on the spacebar and and some other keys. Additionally, the space bar is pretty loose and moves around. This is unfair - especially considering I already paid for the shipping. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. The RMA for my K95 Platinum went through, I'm just confused as to what to include in the box. Do i include the wrist rest? Also, I have a keycap missing - I have pointed it out in the ticket but just to make sure - will it go through fine? Thanks.
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