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  1. Case: Cerberus X(20L atx) cpu 7960x gpu 1080ti psu sf750 None OC. All stock. The PC shut down when I play War Thunder, Apex legends, or use Autodesk Inventor 2021. Not always, just sometimes,especially when launching. The fan of PSU works fine. Most of time my workload is not high enough to let the fan of psu work. Is it just too hot? Or the components of psu are getting old and the over current protection is active?
  2. Currently I'm using sf750 in Cerberus X and I want to change my psu to a fan-controllable psu, which means I can increase the rpm of fan in psu. I just wonder if I can do that in iCue with a xxi psu such hx850i, becuase most PSUs adjust rpm through output.
  3. No 5.25 and too much glass. I don't like it.
  4. Hello Corsair fans and workers, Carbide Air 540 ATX Cube is my favorite case. I hate those cases with too much tempered glass such as lianli o11d. However, the design of 540 is kinda old. There is no type c on the front panel and something like that. I just wonder if we have a chance to renew the 540 design. I'm using a HEDT PC so my advice is based on the HEDT platform and here are my suggestions: 1.Add some type-c to the front pannel 2.Move the bottom HDD to PSU chamber and change the bottom design so it can fit RGB SSDs and radiator. Now we already have RGB SSDs but it is hidden at the back and I just find it quite embarassing. 3.Add some HDD slots in the PSU chamber that support hot swap on the front side of the case. Just under the 5.25 slots. So I hope that in the PSU chamber we got PSU and HDD/SSD slots at the rear and 5.25*2+HDD hotswaps at the front. 4.The case can be a little longer to fit the EATX mobos better. 5.I also hope that new case can fit the corsair radiators, pumps, and iCue software. 6.Just please don't add more glass. I'm not professional so these are my immature thoughts. I know I'm conservative and I'm against the trend. You guys may diagree with but it is just my wish. Maybe one day I can get my CNC machine and improve the case by myself. Thank you guys for reading.
  5. Radiator-Mountings: 1x max. 360/280 mm (Vorderseite) 1x max. 140 mm (Rückseite) 1x max. 280 mm (Boden) 1x max. 280 mm (Deckel) Alle Informationen wurden auf der Website https://www.caseking.de/corsair-crystal-680x-rgb-midi-tower-schwarz-window-gecs-094.html gegeben.
  6. Hallo everyone, currently I'm using: Motherboard: ASRock X299 Professional Gaming i9 XE CPU: Intel Core i9-7960X, 3900 MHz (39 x 100) RAM: CMT32GX4M4C3200C14 The ram is 4*8G 3200 C14 Dominator RGB and I want to buy another 4 DDR4 memory set. There is no way to buy the same batch ddr4 8*8G 3200 c14 rgb memory set so my friend suggets me buying the 3600C16 set. But I heard from a guy who worked at asrock's RD said that even buying b-die only memory with different XMP may also cause motherboard boot failure. Which one should I buy? 1.CMT32GX4M4C3200C14, 2.CMT32GX4M4K3600C16 3.CMD32GX4M4C3200C14M. Because of my case's design,my psu blocks the left 4 spare ram slots. So RGB is not a must.
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