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  1. Just got my replacement! and its working :biggrin: Thanks for everything! Also I hope you get yours soon too @Ultrajack
  2. Almost 2 weeks sitting in the warehouse for distribution doesn't sound so good. Hope the replacement gets sent out by the end of this week.
  3. Can you send me the tracking number please? So i know exactly when the package is coming instead of only knowing that it will come but not how long they'll need to deliver.
  4. I really appreciate your help. Also a response from my support: "I will forward your request to our customer service and will ask for its replacement delivery" I will update if there is anything new
  5. Hello, my ticket number is #2000792177 I am a bit at a loss here because they shipped my package to Schiphol in the Netherlands. I asked the Support why they were shipping it to Schiphol when i am living in Germany and i got this answer: 22. Aug., 16:12 PDT Dear customer, We have received notification from our shipping carrier that your replacement package has been delivered at your address. Thank you for being a Corsair customer! Kind regards, Corsair Customer Service after that i got an email to evaluate the support. So i wrote a message on the 23. Aug and 27. Aug if everything is alright and if i could get a tracking number from Schiphol to my address(if there is a second tracking number cause the first one was from Taiwan to Schiphol) but no response anymore and it worries me. Everything was fine till my package got shipped to the Schiphol in the Netherlands. I really hope someone can help me. Thanks Coho
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