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  1. Today, the 4th of August, I was offered a suitable replacement. It seems a shame it has taken nearly 2 months and more effort than the RAM was worth to get to this stage. Fingers crossed!
  2. It turns out that the equivalent XMS3 version of my Vengeance RAM, being sold by Corsair at exactly the same price, is in stock! But there's been no mention of it. Again, why was this not recommended as the replacement on either of the occasions the agent contacted me?
  3. RESOLVED (see later post) tl;dr Offered inferior replacement even though appropriate replacement was in stock. Agent took just enough time to respond (5 days) for it to become out of stock. I began on the 11th of June reporting a RAM fault under #2000420344. Putting aside how much time it has taken to reach this point, on the 26th July, finally some progress. An ARMA was setup under #2000787791. I was offered an INFERIOR replacement. To put it in context, about 20% cheaper than equivalent. Imagine my surprise when I checked the website and a perfect alternative (albeit black instead of blue) was in stock! I immediately replied that the black version would seem a more appropriate alternative. Every day I checked the stock. Still in stock....still in stock. I checked on the evening of the 30th of July, four days later, still in stock! Then on the 31st I noted it was no longer in stock. What a surprise that that I finally received a reply that day, telling me it was out of stock. The email also suggested no way forward. I replied, but won't hold my breath for a reply for about a week!?! Truly disappointed, JohnBoy
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