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  1. was on hold for 35 min with an average wait time of 8 min. ill try again tomorrow.
  2. I'm calling now still no response. On hold right now waiting.
  3. Im going to call the 800 number again and complain. This is bad customer service.
  4. I called the 800 number last Wednesday. My h115i has failed. I was told rmas cannot be done over the phone. I found that odd. I have in the past. The representative told me he would email me info on how to start a rma. I waited 4 hours for the email. Never got one. I found the support portal and submited a ticket. That was last Wednesday. The h115i is causing my cpu to thermal throddle over 102c+. Im getting bsods and bios messages. I put my old cooler master evo 212 back in issues solved. Cpu temps down quite a bit about 35c idle/ 80 tops load. With the h115i it was 50-60 idle it would get over 100, throddle and bsod. Not trying to be rude but I feel like im getting the runaround here... Ticket #2000767689
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