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  1. yup, seemed to be the perfect timing. update : spoke to the support rep who agreed to do an advanced RMA (I pay for new memory & its shipped, then I get refunded when my faulty memory arrives with them). Went to the payment gateway but it was throwing up errors from the apache server so couldnt pay. Informed support who said will send the memory out anyway. Overall, so far a good resolution but would have been soooo much better if the new ticketing system worked better and I didn't have to come on here to get the ball rolling.
  2. sent a message to Kevin.... got a reply saying hes passed the info on. 5 mins later I get a reply on my ticket offering an advanced RMA. coincidence or .... ?
  3. Am receiving absolutely no support on my Rma request #2000451693 One of my memory modules has died so over a month ago I contacted support. It took them 2 weeks to respond with a vertabim reply of "please send receipts". In my original message I stated I do not have receipts as the modules are over 4 years old. Since then I am still awaiting a reply. Hence I've had to come on here to try and get a resolution. Corsair used to be renowned for their amazing support (one of the main reasons I bought the ram modules along with the lifetime warranty promise) but it looks like that bird has flown the coop a while ago. Could someone pop into the support department, wipe the cobwebs off the staff in there, wake them up and get them to sort the issue out?
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