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  1. What should i expect as replacement? Have sent in my RMA'd Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 2666mhz cl15 quad channel kit 4x4gb, the only problem being i dont think they make these anymore. Not sure how the policy works for replacement of a discontinued item, especially as i paid extra for quad channel cl 15 at the time. Anyone have any information, what could i expect in its place?
  2. Ticket number #2000766686. I actually got a response saying i would need to send in my RAM kit, but then nothing, no RMA number, no address to send it to, no other information. I upload the Amazon receipt with my ticket, everything should be easy to process, now what do i do? All i want is an RMA number and address to send it to, even tried a PM to Corsair Kevin but no reply.
  3. Assigned to Tom N Id #2000766686 Status open Priority Normal Got this information on the ticket but no reply. Anyone have any information how long this could take? I had heard some bad things about Corsair support but this is my first time needing to use it.
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