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  1. I had a couple of sticks of ram replaced under warranty earlier this year and now one of them has decided to die on me. How do i RMA these as i have no proof of purchase as they were sent as a replacement ? Thanks
  2. Hopefully you'll get this looked into now you have posted on here. I posted on the 3rd about faulty ram sticks and my new replacement was delivered today. Think there is an issue with the new system they are using and posting here gives them a bit of a nudge. They will honour the warranty though.
  3. You're right, you shouldn't have to but maybe that is the only way to get anything sorted.
  4. Open a thread on here and they are more likely to see it mate.
  5. Finally got my RMA approved. Fingers crossed nothing goes wrong now.
  6. Support at Corsair has become a bit of a joke. Why give long and lifetime warranties if they cant be bothered to reply to tickets. Seriously thinking of just cutting my losses at some point and spending my money with another company.
  7. Thanks for the help. They emailed me asking for more info which i supplied to them. Any idea how long they take to reply to the emails ?
  8. I'm desperate to get a ram stick replaced and was wondering how long it takes for Corsair to reply to an RMA request. Been reading that it could take weeks. I'm assuming this is my ticket number "Your request 2000748942". Thanks
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