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  1. 17 Days with no response, acceptable? It's very frustrating to try to have a conversation with the support team when you have to wait 17 between each response. Hope you understand.
  2. Yeah. I opened a thread, got an answer, replied. And then nothing. You should not have to open a thread everytime you want a respone from the support team :)
  3. Very long time. A Week between answers if you're lucky. I have been waiting for 12 Days now for a response
  4. It's my pump making the noise :) :D:
  5. Thanks for the answer! It's about two days old only. How long did it take before you could hear a decrease in the noise level?
  6. Is this air in the system or what can is be? I have turned the One upsidedown etc but no change. If i tilt the system it kind of dissappears and becomes wonderful quiet. Any ideas? Sounds like constant seek noise from a harddrive [ame]https://youtu.be/dzHPx7sAAaI[/ame] :(:
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