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  1. Cool, thanks guys for confirming - the world of liquid cooled PC hardware is a bit alien to me. Thank you for clarifying bogus fan RPM readings, too.
  2. Thank you guys so much for your answers! Yep, I mean that. I guess I am a bit spoiled by my MacPro (it made no nosie at idle unless you put your ear on it) and all SSD laptops I had at work (MacBooks and Chromebooks) which produced no noise. I never had a purely gaming desktop, and the last PC desktop I owned was 20 years ago;) Maybe I do not have eyes of a hawk, but I defo have ears of a fox;) I can hear something like you, a hum that is very quiet but it is accompanied by a sound similar to a working laptop HDD (very irregular, but constant and a bit irritating). Measured noise levels are low in 25dB range (fom 2 feet away) if one can trust Android Sound Meter app. Top fan does not work usually, but when it does I can't hear it (it usually goes at 100-200 RPMS, but sometimes switches off). If HDD like noise wasn't present this would be what I expected from Corsair One. Cool, now I have my expectations set properly I guess. It is very similar on my side, the top fan is not noticeable unless it starts running at high RPMs. Agreed, see my comment above. Sounds like we have similar noise levels then. I can't hear the top fan at all, just a hum (I guess it may be a small FAN on a GPU side and a sound similar to constantly working HDD. The noise is worst at right (GPU side) at the bottom. This would be an isolated noise (right?) while the HDD like noise is constant. This is similar a bit to an HDD which is working heavily (like during defrag etc., but a bit less). I tried to scan my HDD/copy some files to it and it produces more pronounced sounds. The noise is defo on GPU side, much worse at the bottom though I think. But with noise it is sometimes hard to distinguish as it can travel in mysterious ways. It also does reassemble a fan rattle a bit, so it is a valuable clue, thanks. Good to know the temp ranges are legit, I experience no stability problems at all even at full load in practice, just this irritating noise. I actually meant Corsair Link, my iCUE only shows top fan speed, coolant pump speeds and both coolant temperatures. I installed Corsair Link myself, it had not been preinstalled (this one shows 4 temps and only one seems right and also has a fan speed reading). And then I also installed MSI command center which only shows one temp (seems right) and a CPU fan running at 3500 RPM (no system fan is shown, CPU fan reading oscillates a bit). BIOS shows the same. I was wondering it this fan reading is legit at all. Here is a link to a video, [ame] [/ame] password: corsair Noise on video is much louder than in reality, however you may need to increase the volume. The sound at 0:05 is only heard when i put my ear directly on a chassis. The sound which bothers me is heard the best at the end of the clip, however it is much fainter in reality. Same for fan hum and air flowing. It is surprising that it is louder when i move my mobile up. It is probably because a microphone is at the bottom of the phone and when I move the phone up, it can pick up the noise from the bottom more. Or maybe it is a GPU fan. Any clue guys what generates that noise?
  3. Hi Guys, I have just received a new COrsair One i160. However, I am a bit puzzled about noise levels. Can you tell me if yours Corsair One i160's are completely quiet when idle ? Mine has definitively a fun running when idle, i can also hear a noise which reassembles HDD head moving from time to time (and i can hear some liquid noise (resembling very faint noise of a dropping droplet). When checked iCUE says that the main fan is running at 200 RPM, pumps at 1900-1850(GPU and 1950 CPU (RPMs). CPU coolant is at 42C, GPU at 38C. CPU temps are around 46C. Corsair Link is reporting GPU at 39C, CPU at 44-46C. One weird thing I noticed that MB temps #1-3 are above 100C (and only slightly changing),and that the fan is running at 3500 RPM. MB temp #4 is around 55C, and this is what MSI Command Centre/BIOS is reporting as well. At times when iCUE was reporting fan speed at 0, i still heard a fan noise and a HDD head moving noise. There was no HDD activity at that time based on System Monitor. After purchase, I updated Windows and all drivers through MSI Live update and installed Command Centre and Corsair Link. So here goes my Q - is my One i160 a dud?:)
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