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  1. Cool, so where’s the option in iCue to disable the SDK?
  2. Here are two photos that show my problem when running a fresh install of iCue. This first photo shows the task maganger on a reboot with iCue set to run when windows starts up. The second photo shows the task manager with iCue closed out. Big difference between the two. I still cannot find any solution to this problem.
  3. Intel Core i9-9900K MSI MEG Z390 ACE Corsair HX Series HX850 PSU Corsair Force MP510 M.2 2280 960GB Corsair Force MP510 M.2 2280 480GB Corsair H150i PRO CORSAIR Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB (4 x 8GB) MSI GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING 8G
  4. Yes! Exactly what I’m thinking. Hoping to understand this problem better. I mean who would by a mother board and not expect to be able to run its software. Must be a way to make the two work in harmony. Please let me know if anyone out there has a similar set up and has experienced the same problems. 🤙
  5. Thanks for the reply! I’ve been searching and reading through these forums for about 2 weeks now. I did across this fix and while it did work, the problem was back after the next reboot. At this point I have uninstalled the software and it’s been smooth sailing, no lag, no dropped frames in Streamlabs OBS. I have 7 pieces of Corsair hardware in my new build that interact with iCue (10 pieces of Corsair hardware total). I am dissapointed I can not run the iCue software. I’m not talking a small amount of cpu usage, it pegs my i9 at 100%. I’ve had the same issues with an MSI Z370 build utilizing only 2 sticks of Corsair memory and a cpu cooler which makes me think it’s an issue with the MSI mother boards or software (dragon center Z390 / command center z370) Anyone else have these issues?! I’ve seen similar posts further back in the forums with little support offered. You guys think this is something I could open a support ticket on? Maybe reach out to Corsair myself? I figured I’d reach out the the forums first.
  6. Hello 👋 Hoping someone can shed some light on my problem I have been experiencing with the iCUE software. For the past month my computer has been experiencing lag in games and streaming. I had discovered very high cpu usage while running iCUE software. Even after a shut down the cpu would be pegged at 100% before running any programs. Uninstalling and reinstalling would sometimes seem to fix the problem but it would always start back up soon after. I could tell when it would be acting up because my idle temp would sit at 50c. After uninstalling the software the computer runs fine with an idle temp of 30c with 1-2% cpu usage after booting. I’m dissapointed I can not run the software that ties all my Corsair products together. This is a new build with minimal software installed mainly used for gaming. P.S. I have a feeling it could be problem with iCUE conflicting with some other monitoring software. The only other installed is MSI’s Dragon Center, Intel extreme tuning and MSI afterburner. Thanks in advance for and advice / help
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