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  1. Hi all. As per the OP's symptoms, my LS100 monitor lighting kit is doing the same. Random, flickering lights and not matching the monitor background. It even does it when I switch the entire eco system to a solid colour, say Red, everything goes red accept the LS100. It just does what it wants. I have followed Corsairs strict software removal for IQUE (to the letter) 3 times and eventually was forced to RMA it. Corsair sent me a new kit which worked fine for about a week, then the random colour flickering started again. Sometimes, only half the strips lights up. I have now unplugged the kit and started yet another RMA!
  2. As the title says, my NEW, 2020 model mk2 version of the Dark Core RGB Pro SE Qi charging mouse, no matter what I do, will NOT charge on the MM1000 mouse mat Qi charging spot. Before everyone chimes in saying "your not putting it in the right position".... I can assure you all I have tried every possible on the mouse pad. The Green LED on the MM1000 starts blinking once every second (as it should) yet the charging symbol on the mouse battery icon on the start bar does not appear. Nor does the LED behind the mouse wheel turn green. The only way the mouse will charge is using the included USB-C cable OR using the MM1000's included charging puck with the USB-C adaptor plugged into the mouse, then placed on the Qi spot. Can somebody from Corsair or an Admin with knowledge of this issue please respond, before I am forced to RMA a perfectly working mouse (otherwise) due to it not functioning as described! If I'm doing something wrong, then I'll hold my hands up and admit that I got it wrong but after spending nearly a whole day messing about I'm now at my wits end! Lastly, I have done a mouse reset (as per Corsairs instructions on the website) and I am also running the latest version of IQUE (3.34.161). Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello everyone. I have recently purchased the latest Dark Core RGB SE with built in Qi charging. Before I go further, I have tried plugging the mouse mat Qi charging cable into different USB 3.0 and 3.1 ports and it is now plugged into a USB 3.1 powered USB Hub and it makes no difference! The mouse will not charge on the Qi charging point, despite the green LED on the MM1000 flashing once every second, to say that it is charging. The Mouse battery icon in the start bar remains the same, with no charging symbol - unlike when I plug the mouse directly into the propitiatory USB cable. The mouse will then display the green LED behind the mouse wheel and the battery icon changes to a charging symbol (with a lightning strike through it). What's going on? Why won't the mouse charge on the MM1000 Qi spot? Will I have to RMA the mouse?
  4. Found link to fix! https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=192447
  5. Thanks guys, this just resolved the same issue for me! Appreciate your help Dev.
  6. I have a strange issue in that the mouse works fine, yet if I hover over the battery status icon in the task bar, it shows as IRONCLAW RGB WIRELESS (1)(1)(1)(1) Anyone got any ideas as to why this is please? It's not so much any issue with it affecting the mouse, I just want to resolve the (1) annotation, incase it starts to grow!:bigeyes:
  7. I have the same mouse and mine is detected ok. Have you tried moving the wireless dongle to another USB 3.0/3.1 port? I had issues with connectivity when the dongle was plugged into my ST100 RGB, so I moved the dongle to a spare USB 3.0 port on my monitor. This is just a 'pass through' port and is directly connected to the rear of the MB.
  8. Yes I am running Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB memory; 4x 8GB. I can uncheck 'Enable Full software control' if I want but that kinda defeats the object of having the software control in iCue in the first place! I don't want my RAM playing a Rainbow lighting show whilst gaming, it's very distracting. I have it set to 'Temperature' for the CPU along with the H150i Pro, which is also set for the same thing. Together they change colour subtly and without distraction as the CPU gets warm. So, what exactly is the fix then? Surely disabling a vital part of the software is not it? Thank you kindly, Lee.
  9. I found this thread after Corsair responded to my complaint about the issue. My CPU usage was 25-28% with 6 devices connected in iCue. I have now updated iCue to the patched version from their website, ver 3.15.101 and.... CPU usage is still 25%. The offending process is: Corsair.Service.CpuldRemote This process is stacking 26% on my CPU. The process Corsair.Service (32 bit) is stacking around 2.5-2.9%. This makes my total CPU usage 31% and consequently, minor fluctuations in heat build up and due to my fan profile setting, the H150i rad fans keep increasing/decreasing speed. I don't know why this forum of users is having to try and fix the issue? As far as I'm concerned, this is a warranty issue as I've only used iCue and 6 brand new Corsair products for around 1 month! (Recent new build) While I don't agree myself, it's not hard to see why so many people are slagging off iCue software on the internet and various forums. Come on Corsair! You need to step in and fix this issue.
  10. I fully understand the difference between the older 4 pin 12v RGB and the newer 'digital' 3pin 5v RGB. Thanks for clearing that up. So, if I can't plug the CP or the LNP into the 4 pin header on the MB, where do I plug them in? One things for sure, I'm not interested in the full Rainbow theme. My original plan was to go all black/Red and have all Halos on all 6 fans coloured RED. Configure the H150i Pro in I-cue to run the RGB in 'Temperature mode'. Have the Motherboard RGB set to static RED. Have the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro running in I-cue and set to 'Temperature mode' (same as the CPU cooler). Not sure if the last one is even possible? Failing that, just have it static RED or slow changing 'RAINBOW' mode. If trying to configure the Halos is going to be awkward, then if I were to buy 6 Corsair RGB fans.....how would I connect them to my system? The part of this I'm struggling with is the connection between CP and LNP and my main board/Phanteks Evolv X case??? It's pointless spending loadsa money on RGB fans if they won't RGB sync OR communicate in I-cue on my system. What would you suggest is the best plan of attack?
  11. Thanks Dev for helping me out here... Pardon me for being a bit thick but after looking at the link to the adapters, I'm now rather confused by it all. So let me tell you how I see it and you can all laugh and then set me straight...:confused: Just working with the 120mm Corsair supplied H150i fans, I plan to do the following: MSI Z270 Gaming M7 board which has a 4 pin 12v RGB header.....connect to that the following cable adaptor.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Corsair-RGB-to-JST-Addressable-RGB-Adapter/372551535271?hash=item56bdcd4aa7:m:me8mpAey-z_jyZnTsBD2DZg&var=641330262522 (To be clear, the above link should be to a Corsair RGB to JST Addressable RGB Adapter with the drop down to a..'RGB LED Fan hub (4 pin) cable'.) At the other end of the said cable will be a CoPro...connected to a LNP (Lighting Node Pro?)..connected to a Corsair RGB LED Fan Hub..connected to the Phanteks Halo LUX Digital x3? Did I get that right :ummmm: or did I completely balls it up!? :dunno: All the hours of research on RGB in my potential system is starting to give me a complete headache! I already RMA'd £110 worth of Phanteks Halos last week because after I bought them I then found out that Phanteks do two types! Normal RGB Halos (4 pin) and Digital RGB Halos (3 pin) :damnit: I don't want to have to do that again as it cost me £15 in return postage!
  12. Thanks for your reply Dev. :winking: Do you have any info regards the third party adapter for the Halos? Which Corsair RGB fans will work best on the H150i Radiator? Many thanks, Lee.
  13. Hello everyone. As this is my first post here and I feel i'm way out of my depth with all this Corsair RGB madness, I beg you all to not hammer me too much. :biggrin: I've been saving and buying a new PC build for nearly a year now and I'm nearly at the end....just need the case and some RGB products. I bought the H150i cooler last month to go into my Phanteks Evolv X case and this will all be bolted to my MSI Z270 Gaming M7 MB. I originally wanted a black/red theme but seeing as the MB has Mystic light RGB built in, I figured why don't I go full RGB on fans and LED strips too! Using 3x 140mm fans (2 roof, 1 rear) and 3x front fans (supplied with H150i cooler).. (All fans will have Phanteks digital Halo Lux fan shrouds fitted) My questions are: 1. I want to keep the Corsair fans provided with the H150i and fit 3x Phanteks Halo Lux digital frames to these fans. Will they work with the CoPro or the Lighting Node Pro? I do know they are 3 pin and digital. 2. If the Phanteks Digital Halos work with CoPro/Lighting Node Pro, will they work with the I-Cue software? 3. If none of the above will work with the I-cue software, then I may as well just scrap the Phanteks Halo Lux digitals in favour of all Corsair fans.....this leads me onto my next question: 4. Which will be the best Corsair RGB fans for my set up? ie, Do I use ML / LL or SP fans for the H150i Cooler? I understand that most people here are hardcore Corsair fans and will want to tell me to only fit Corsair products. I get that, but I can't as I'm not building a Corsair ECO system. I Love Corsair products and the Corsair stuff I have bought so far are: Peripherals; Corsair MM800 RGB Corsair ST100 RGB Corsair K70 Lux RGB Corsair M65 Pro RGB Inside case; Corsair HX750i Corsair H150i Pro RGB Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4 3200 MHz. I just want to make the most of the RGB capability in my system using the Phanteks Evolv X case. Any help or guidance will be greatly received. Thankyou.
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