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  1. The thing is I am tired of having multiple software controlling the RGB and having issues because of it. As an example I had my last build with an MSI motherboard controlling the RGB on some components and having Mystic light controlling it. Then having the my h150i controlling with icue and my old keyboard and mouse from "brand x" (we are not supposed to talk about other brands) with another software. motherboard, switched the RGB controller to corsair (commander Pro), wich allowed me to sync my h150 pro rgb, the fans and my led strips on the same software, and since the commander pro uses USB and not the Jrainbow connector like others, I had no need of a motherboard that has rgb control on it so, as I already said, I sold the older one and got one that had no RGB on herself but would give me no issues with compatibility. I also changed the RAM to corsair and added some dummy RGB RAM kits. I even bought a k75rgb Keyboard and a m65 mouse. If corsair somehow manages to do a partnership with nanoleaf and add support for light panels it would be the "cherry on top". Hope some more people add +1 to this Post and make it possible.
  2. Hello, I do really like your products, and I already own some of my own. Like a K75 Keyboard a H150i Pro RGB Cooler M65 RGb Elite. Well I am only missing two things. One I posted on the Icue section and the other is: I love the RGb mousepad but I really would want and XXXL One that can cover Both my keyboard and mouse. Any plans on releasing one? If you do - Buyer Number one is here :biggrin: Thanks again for making excellent products.
  3. Hello, I know we are not supposedto talk about other brands. But, heres my question. Are you planning on supporting the panels from nanoleaf on Icue? that way It would make people like me having all RGB integrated in one single app. and it would be excellent. Please make it possible!
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